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Driver for FSCockpit OVH & Airbus X Extended

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Fabio Merlo may be the one that will make you purchase an overhead for your Aerosoft Airbus X Extended (AXE) A320/A321. His latest FSX/P3D driver for sale at simMarket enables the control of AXE lights, APU, passegers sign and so on, directly on the mini overhead panel manufactured by FSCockpit.

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Mini Overhead Driver for Wilco Airbus Fleet

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Fabio Merlo has returned to offer the Airbus home  cockpit builder another driver designed to provide a seamless interface between FSCockpit’s hardware and Wilco/Feelthere’s Airbus fleet. This release supports the “Mini Overhead” panel, which covers the lighting, APU and anti-ice sections of the Airbus systems and includes direct support for…