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Interview With Former MS Employees

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Two former Microsoft Games (ACES) employees have started a new company, the Cascade Game Foundry, as we reported some time ago. One was a project leader and the other a marketing person for the Train Sim ‘series’ and other games. An interview with them has been published on various sites…


Microsoft ESP Is Growing

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Microsoft’s foray into the ‘serious’ simulation software with ESP is slowly gaining momentum. Read what David Boker writes in his blog…. “….. At the I/ITSEC 2008 conference in early-December in Orlando, we saw many encouraging signs that our strategy is quickly gaining supporters.  If there’s one overall theme that emerged…

Freeware News

Free Acceleration Race Courses

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Paul Lange sneakily posted three new FREE racecourse on FSInsider (Microsoft’s official FSX fan site) for you to enjoy. Paul writes on his blog “……. When the office was relatively quiet during the holidays at the end of last year, Brandon and I decided to build some new courses for…