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MCE Adds Maddog 2010 Pro

By 0 FS++ have announced a further update to their Multi-Crew Experience package to include detailed support for the Leonardo (LSH) Maddog 2010 Pro MD-82 simulator add-on. MCE allows pilots to interact with a virtual co-pilot to operate numerous aircraft, as well as communicating with ATC and other features, all of…

Add-on or Expansion Pack

MCE Supports Classic Boeings

By 0 As the video above shows, FS++, developers of Multi-Crew Experience, have announced the addition of two classic Boeing jets to the list of “complex” aircraft supported. The Boeing 727 and 707, both by Captain Sim, join a list that includes other, more modern, CS models, as well as aircraft…


Multi Crew Experience Free for Airbus X Extended pilots

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All Airbus X Extended pilots are granted an exclusive (and limited to the Aerosoft A320 / A321) licence of Multi Crew Experience. Yes it’s free and included with the purchase of the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended. Open your user account, and look for the file in the downloads history. Its size…