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MyTraffic X 6 released and available

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Burkhard Renk’s much anticipated and demanded update to MyTraffic X, version 6 is now available, supporting FSX, FSX Steam Edition, Prepar3d v1 and v2 in one package. The package contains over 200 aircraft models, with over five and a half thousand liveries, covering over five and a half million weekly AI…


Upgrade To MyTraffic X Pro 5.2b

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It’s here! Now you can upgrade your BOXED version of MyTraffic X to the very latest and most complete version of MyTrafic X, i.e. MyTraffic X Professional 5.2b. For owners of  5.1B, 5.2 or 5.2A ! “…. MyTraffic X Version 5.2b Professional is a giant step forward compared to previous…


MyTraffic X Professional V5.2b

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Burkhard Renk today published Version 5.2b of his famous MyTraffic X product on “…. MyTraffic X is THE product to add realistic AI traffic to your FSX installation, filling the skies with air traffic around you, made up of high-quality AI models made specifically for FSX. The latest version…


MyTraffic X Once Again Fills The Skies

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In a press release Burkhard Renk, the author and driving force of MyTraffic, mentions that he has “….released Version 5.2a of this very popular program, the ‘Mother of all AI Programs’ for the MS Flight Simulator series. This free update is mainly enhancing the eastern hemisphere and bringing it up…

Press Releases

MyTraffic X Version 5.2 Goes Gold

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Talking about the ‘Mother of all AI programs’ ….. Burkhard Renk has released Version 5.2 of his “…. much appraised MyTraffic X, the ultimate AI traffic add-on for Flight Simulator X. MyTraffic X Version 5.2 is a giant step forward compared to previous versions and a huge leap towards fully…


Update For MyTraffic X Released

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Burkhard Renk, our long-time ‘resident AI Traffic Guru’, has released an update to his MyTraffic X 5.1b version, now making it Version 5.2! This is an incremental update. Please read more below! “…. MyTraffic X Version 5.2 is a giant step forward compared to previous versions and a huge leap…