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ActiveSkyNext – SP3 Open Beta B5660 Released

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HiFi Simulations have released SP3’s Open Beta “B5660” if you haven’t already then you need to head to their site and download the version there. Some changes include: Removed unneeded restart required/resynth message when changing warnings options, Modified ambient handling to not affect AI aircraft for certain parameters including temperature, so that…

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Iris Warthog TacPack beta news

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David from Iris Simulations has announced on Facebook and on their forums that the TacPack integration for their A-10A Warthog Driver will soon be entering Open Beta. While the ultimate release to users is intended to be free, it was announced that there will be a AU$5 charge to take…


WoWP “Approaching Open Beta”

By 0 have updated the World of Warplanes website with a post announcing that “We’re approaching the start of the Open Beta test phase, which will be followed by the official release of the game.” While in no way pretending to be an accurate simulator, the open beta period will allow…