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Outerra Scene Editor preview

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httpv:// The marvellous Outerra engine will have a live editing tool to move, rotate, copy, insert the scenery items. Third party developers know well the external tools that are necessary to create sceneries for FSX/P3D in a different manner, out of the sim. With its Scene Editor using the graphics…


Outerra new video

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httpv:// Another video of Outerra, Earth simulation model still in development, shows great visual result to reproduce sky, terrainof all kinds and vegetation. Actually, the programmers have modeled from water up to space physics making its potential very wide and attractive, with the need in mind of a physical and…


Outerra latest features developement

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Outerra 3D engine is considered by someones like the future of flight simulation. The latest features they have developed sound really good for flight simulation, indeed. Since 2009 at least, a part of their team is dedicated to the flight simulation world (physics, aircraft, animations..).


Interview: OUTERRA, the highly ambitious graphics engine

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Outerra made ​​a lot of attention lately, halfway between simulator and pure technological innovation, the concept looks  like it contains a wealth of possible future opportunities. Thomas Gasser/simflight.FR asked a few questions: First of all thanks Brano Kemen for answering my questions, can you briefly explain for everybody what is Outerra ? What most people recognize behind the Outerra name is…

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Outerra demo released

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A lot of people seem to believe that Outerra is going to be the next great thing in the FS arsenal, while to others it is simply a procedural world generator that happens to include a flight mode to show off the created world, but it will never be a…


Outerra Beta Video

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httpv:// The video above was posted today on the Outerra forum, showing a recording from the software’s beta version using the internal recording feature. Although Outerra is primarily a surface terrain rendering engine, vehicle and flight dynamics have been added to the software. It may be no competition to the…


Outerra Terrain

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Some things go well above my pretty little head, but I know what I see. And I know what I like. And the Outerra terrain engine definitely has potential. Check out the axel action on this Tatra truck and the landscape it is driving around in. There’s lots more to…


Outerra gives us Mother Earth!

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Jorge at, aka simFlight Portugal, reports about an interesting development named outerra, a planetary engine. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? apparently the developer Brano Kemen is creating an engine that can generate our planet so to speak, Can it be used in a future  flight simulator? See this…