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I have several Carenado GA planes in my virtual hangar and the Saratoga makes it number 8. Carenado makes good solid basic GA planes and the Saratoga is no exception. There has been some criticism in the forums about the “sameness” of the gauges in the Carenado planes and the fact that they do not have advanced features, e.g., wearing out/damaged engines, maintenance, etc, such as in the A2A J3 Cub. However, I take a pragmatic view, when reviewing 3rd party aircraft, and write the review based on the fact that this might be the only Carenado plane that I have purchased and judged solely on its merits.

The Saratoga handles very well, the sounds are very good, but the manuals are perfunctory to say the least. It is a good, if not outstanding GA plane, and it has quite appealing visual effects. On the whole, I found it to be a reasonable GA plane, but with lots of room for improvement in several areas.