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Molokai Hawaii By Newport

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Taylor Newport has compiled yet another of his phototexture sceneries, representing the island of Molokai, Hawaii. “……  This scenery is a Day/Night/Dawn/Dusk scenery of the entire island of Molokai Hawaii. VFR Molokai Hawaii is made from high resolution 1 m per pixel satellite imagery that looks outstanding from any altitude.…


Aruba Photo-mesh From SyDesigns

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According to SyDesigns “……..Mesh ArubaX is the only satellite image of the island of Aruba (not including the airport) at a resolution of 2m/pixel which shows the most important places aswell as the color contrast of the different water depths, even the coral banks can be seen. Includes ship traffic,…


St. Louis Satellite Scenery From Newport

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Newport has released yet another phototexture scenery title for FSX. “….. Photo Real St. Louis X is a framerate-friendly scenery that displays the beauty of America’s “Gate way to the west”. This is a photo realistic (real satellite images) texture replacement packages that a covers a huge city, St. Louis,…