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A2A Piper Cub Video Review at

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The boys at are known for their extensive reviews on various FS products, until now they were standard read-along text reviews… but now they have started something new: video reviews. The first one is on A2A Simulations Piper Cub, not that there is a shortage on reviews for this one, here is our…


A2A Piper Cub v.1.1 Patch Released

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Scot Gentile of A2A reports that he has release a patch for their recent Piper Cub. It includes a number of new features, some tuning and a few bug fixes as well. For a full overview of all the changes you can click on Read Full Story below. The download…


Piper Cub From A2A

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This time it is A2A that has released a Piper Cub. Looking very nice, as all of them do, and of course a great little aircraft to putt-putt around in and take in the (VFR) landscape. What makes this particular one special is the option to buy the additional ‘Accu-Sim’…


Piper Cubs Galore !

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Sometimes there is nothing to report, and sometimes we can’t keep up ! Like now we have not one but THREE new Piper Cubs in the works for FSX. There’s the very elaborate one by A2A Simulations, featuring their cool but complex AccuSim technology. And then there is the Super…


Piper Cub From Flight Replicas

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The Piper Cub is popular these days ! There’s one in FSX itself of course, and we have the FSAddon Supercub out there, and now Flight Replicas has made a version of their own, or rather 4 of them;  a standard version on wheels, a standard version on Edo 1320…


Flight Replicas’ L-4 Grasshopper

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Flight Replicas from Canada has released an L-4 Grasshopper, the military version of the J-3 Piper Cub. It comes in four different versions with a shipload of liveries, from WW2 to Vietnam era to current-day restored civilian aircraft. Also included is a paintkit for the more creative souls among us.…

Press Releases

FSAddon Is Calling Bush Pilots

By 1 has posted some news on it’s (new) website. One of the projects under development and almost ready to publish will surely attract a lot of attention from bush pilots and aficionados of Piper Cubs. The Turbo Piper (both FS2004 AND FSX) by Simon Smeiman is nearing completion. Curious? Of…