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Nemeth Designs operations suspended

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Nemeth Designs noticed their Agusta 109 sales suddenly fell down when their new product appeared among torrents. Their manager felt it was necessary to suspend their operations until they find an efficient copyright protection to ensure enough incomes for the two full time developers they have. Read his sad message…


Thugs Hurting YOUR Hobby Stand Trial

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It is good to see the lowlife of Pirate Bay in court once again, and this time with some serious, although fumbling, prosecution and charges. The Sweden based piracy site has been taunting authorities and commercial developers for many years, all the while making money of stolen software and openly…


UK Software Pirate Put Away

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Good Riddens! Gary Boulter, 51, of 15 Knapp Road, Thornbury in the UK was sentenced to 15 months in prison after having been found guilty to a total of 23 offenses of illegally copying for sale games, counterfeit films, music and pornography on CD’s. Police found source files worth some…