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Interview reveals more TS2013 details

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We’ve mentioned James Woodcock’s website before with regards to information about previous Train Simulator releases and today he has uploaded a Podcast featuring an interview with two of the team from, developers of current TS2012 and its replacement, TS2013. The interview informs listenerst to the podcast of a number…


More Train Simulator 2012 Details

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httpv:// British Freelance Journalist James Woodcock has uploaded Issue #31 of his Podcast via YouTube, covering many more details and indepth coverage of the now very near Train Simulator 2012 (Railworks 3) product from As previously reported, TS2012’s core features will be a free upgrade to existing RW2 users…


FSBreak Podcast News

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Eric McClintock of FSBreak reports that “….. on this week’s FSBreak podcast six Orbx developers tell all about the latest Pacific Northwest product, and John Venema spills the details on the next region the Orbx crew plans to take on, and lets them on for a few details on a…

Hardware & Cockpit

MyCockpit Podcasts

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Vybhava Srinivasan, ‘Vice President Administration’ for the – reports that “…., the worlds largest community for home cockpit builders is proud to announce three new podcasts, in association with

Hardware & Cockpit Podcasts

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The folks at Mycockpit sent us the following “…, the worlds largest community for home cockpit builders is proud to announce its very own Podcast, in association with This podcast is a trial edition and talks about some features of and an exclusive interview with a renowned home…


FSBreak Podcast

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Eric McClintock of FSBreak writes us that  “…… This week we did an interview on the FSBreak podcast that your readers might find useful. We had a 90 minute interview with John Venema (CEO) and Holger Sandmann (Regions Lead) from Orbx and Bill Womack (the latter both of FSAddon’s Tongass…


New Podcaster fsBreak Goes Live

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Eric McClintock from Cincinatti, Ohio, has launched his weekly podcast “fsBreak”. You can hear his podcasts and read resumes on the fsBreak website. In his first program he discusses, amongst other current topics, the Microsoft closure of ACES with his co-host Cam. This could be something to keep your ears…