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Drzewiecki Design – EPKK v2.1 & New Advanced Effects

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Krakow EPKK updated version 2.1 inaugurates the latest design refinements developed by Drzewiecki Design that will be also integrated in the upcoming Chicago products – City X and Airports X. There are new water and glass reflections effects, jetways remade and compliant with P3D SDK, SODE lights depending on weather conditions.


Drzewiecki Design – EPKK Krakow X V2 FSX/P3D

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Remade from scratch, discover the version 2 of the second most important airport in Poland : EPKK Krakow X V2 FSX/P3D. Of course, it’s an accurate rendition of the buildings, runways and ground layout. There’s a even a free demo available for you to test.


Drzewiecki Design – Polish Airports VOL3 V4 FSX P3D

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The Polish Airports V4 series is completed by the volume 3 just released by Drzewiecki Design for P3D v4-v1 and FSX. The following airports are all detailed with great attention to details, with advanced features like SODE animations and 3D people : EPSY Mazury, EPPO Poznań, EPWR Wrocław and EPBY Bydgoszcz.


Drzewiecki Design – EPWA Warsaw Chopin XP V2

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Important enhancements and various new features have been added by Drzewiecki Design to their scenery of the busiest airport in Poland. EPWA Warsaw Chopin for X-Plane Version 2 is available with a hugh discount for registered customers of v1.


Drzewiecki Design – Polish Airports VOL2 XP V2

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Second X-Plane scenery product released this week by Drzewiecki Design team after Washington XP, Polish Airports VOL2 is a bundle shipping with different detailed airports in Poland. Ground vehicles, static aircraft, custom ground textures, I’m pretty sure you’ll need plenty of time to visit them all.


Drzewiecki – Polish Airports updates

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Registered customers of the following titles by Drzewiecki Design have got updates recently : Polish Airports vol.1 X, Polish Airports vol.2 X, Warsaw City X and EPWA Warsaw Chopin Airport X. New important features have been added with a new light system, and you can switch it on or off with NAV2…

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Drzewiecki Polish Airports vol.1 V4 ready !

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Get the version 4 of Polish Airports volume 1 at simMarket right now ! Bundled in a simple pack, EPKT Katowice-Pyrzowice, EPGD Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa, EPRZ Rzeszów and EPLB Lublin are highly detailed either for FSX/P3D or for FS2004. Drzewiecki Design detailed the features of each airport scenery, and if you own…

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