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Got some spare Euros lying around?

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If you have, then maybe this offer at the UK’s John Pye Auctions maybe of interest, for a full 2-seat static 737NG simulator. The initial invoice price of  €165,000 says a lot about what you get as part of the package, but running Prepar3D with Project Magenta and commercial licensing, then…

Hardware & Cockpit

Project Magenta’s New Website

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Project Magenta (PM) has been a major place for home-cockpit builders and customers for many years. Enrico Schiratti of PM dropped us a public note to relay the notification of their new, and pleasant, website design :

Hardware & Cockpit

6-pack From FSPS

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Meant to be used by cockpit builders, running Project Magenta software for their 737 cockpits is this 6-pack software to help make things even more realistic. Please check out the list of prerequisites needed. This is NOT a software title for anyone! More information about the functions it supplies can…