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Fancy a new challenge?

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We know that a number of readers here are fans of train simulation as well as flight simulation, but how many of you were aware that there are signalling simulators available as well? On the face of it, a signaller/dispatcher’s job is fairly straight forward. Trains run on rails, so…

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More JustTrains boxes at simMarket

By 0 JustTrains have expanded the number of boxed products they sell through simMarket, with the addition of four new sets for Train Simulator 2012. According to information from, the developer of the simulator, TS2012 add-ons “…will continue to work as normal within Train Simulator 2013 and will not be…

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Trainz goes Modernist with Halycon media

By 0 German language publishers Halycon Media have released an add-on for Trainz Simulator 10 (or later), featuring the 1930s T1 steam loco and rolling stock of the Pennsylvania Railroad. With a number of individually identified locomotives and coaches, the add-on takes you back to the days of glamour and style…