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KCFS Seabee: A ‘Splash and Dash’, or one to keep?

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The KCFS Seabee isn’t a new release. It’s actually quite an old one. So why review it now? Well, frankly, because I only just got it. There’s also the fact that the aircraft is a fairly new release on Steam as DLC (DownLoadable Content – what most people just call “add-ons”!) so…

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Aerosoft release a new Seabee

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Slightly unusual looking it may be, but the Republic RC-3 Seabee is one of the most iconic aircraft ever built. The little amphibian may have been out of production for over 65 years, indeed it was only built from 1945 to 1947, but it is still popular today, with repairs…

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Seabee Amphibian from KC Flight Shop

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Another one of those little aircraft that it’s hard not to like, the Rebuplic Seabee was born in the immediate aftermath of World War II, as Republic’s attempt to get into the expected massive boom in civil aviation. Although the market may not have quite grown as fast as some…