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Hardware & Cockpit

R22/44 Pitch Lever

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And from SimAviatik in Switzerland we present you the “…… Realistic pitch lever for R22/R44. Fly your R22/R44 helictoper at your home like the real one. The high quality provides you with a very realistic feeling of flying. The lever has original dimensions, collective control friction, throttle control, governor on/off…


May Screenshot Competition Results Announced

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We had one heck of a time judging the entries this month. The decision was not easy with the standard of entries that were submitted. If you followed the competition, you’ll recall that the theme for this month was “Workhorses” The Dromedar snapped by WingZ has got the lot this…


Call for Bloggers!

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Gals & Guys, are you a flight sim or/and aviation fan/nut/hobbyist? can you write in english? then you can BLOG!!! Blog it right here on because we are looking for you, we want you to write your views and reviews and musings and rants here! don’t keep them for…


Preview: Aerosoft F-16 Fighting Falcon X

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The F-16 is one of the most known jet fighters in the world. It’s agile, fast and very reliable. Many airforces around the world are equipt with this wonderful flying machine. And soon FSX pilots will be able to take to the virtual skies in the Aerosoft F-16 Fighting Falcon…

Press Releases

simMarket’s New Looks !

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From Miguel Blaufuks, the owner and boss of simMarket and simFlight: “…….. Today we said goodbye to our trusty orange-brownish colored layout and have put online a fresh new look onto simMarket! simMarket reaffirms it’s leadership in the field as the biggest dedicated flight simulation online store since 1997. The…

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Are you using Internet Explorer 8?

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If you are, you might have noticed that the menu bar with the drop down menus is not working like it should. To overcome this, simply press “Alt”-“T”on your keyboard and click on “Compatibility View Settings”. And just add “” to the list and restart IE8. Now the menus should…


(SOLVED) simMarket & simFlight hick ups due to IP changes!

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Some may have trouble reaching and the simFlight sites today. The problem is actually fixed but it takes some time for the new IP settings to be propagated around the world. What happened?: Last week we started to move simMarket to shiny new servers (quad core, 4GB Ram… all…