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Sismo Soluciones — Tutorial Pedestal 737NG Silver Line

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B52ikmOMks&feature=player_embedded Watch this nice video and dream about the Sismo Soluciones 737NG pedestal capabilities. It’s a high fidelity replica of the real design. Visit their

Sismo – Orion 737NG DU

Here we have the Orion 737NG Display Units exact replicas of the real ones on your PC monitor. Sismo Soluciones designed it to ensure compatibility

New Sismo panels modules

For home-cockpits builders, Sismo Soluciones completes his products range with system annunciator panels, display control and selector panels, either for captain’s or first officer’s side.

Sismo cockpit parts

New at simMarket is the Sismo Soluciones products range. They enable to build your own cockpit at home with EFIS, MCP replicas for instance. You

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