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Add-on or Expansion Pack

Skysong PA-28 HD Audio soundset

By 0 Although the title of this replacement sound set is Piper Arrow 28 HD-Audio Package, the developer, Skysong Soundworks, states that is is appropriate to use with any PA-28 Cherokee series aircraft, not just the more complex than most Arrow. Sampled at 44.100 kHz 16 bit and mixed to perform…

Add-on or Expansion Pack

CT182 Soundpack from Skysong

By 0 There’s no bonus points for working out that this new soundpack for FSX and FS2004 from Skysong Soundworks is designed to be used with Carenado’s CT182T glass-cockpit Skylane, but not only that, also with a C177RG Cardinal should you so wish. The replacement sound set is recorded at 44.100…