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Extended Pilot Logbook

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SkyTalkTeam have released what they call the ‘Extended Pilot Logbook’, a utility to replace your default FS9 or FSX pilot’s log. As they say “…. Using this tool you’ll always have complete and accurate information about all your flights (both in MSFS 2004 and FSX) in one place and up…


Pilot Logbook From SkyTalkTeam

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SkyTalkTeam has released their Extended Pilot Logbook to record all of your flights and travels. although FS9 and FSX include their own logbooks, these are not very complete and leave a lot to be desired. So, a market for add-on developers to fill the void. EPL looks promising and you…


RealATIS For FS2004

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SkyTalk Team “…. presents the flexible tool for planning flights, which allow the virtual pilot to get the variety of useful information about the weather conditions in the selected airports or in whole sectors and aerial zones. RealATIS can be used for complex meteorological condition evaluation, altimeter pre-set and handy…


RealATIS Version 2.8 Released

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SkyTalkTeam have released Version 2.8 of their RealATIS product line, now supporting the SAPI5 technology and including further enhancements. The product is available for purchase from the simMarket on-line shop of course. RealATIS for FS9 will be updated too, coming next week.

Press Releases

RealATIS FS2004 Service Update 1

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Michael from SkyTalkTeam reports that he has released the “….. RealATIS 1.7 Service Update 1 for FS2004 and has uploaded it to simMarket, where owners of the software can now download it from their account. If you click on Read Full Story, you can read about the improvements implemented….”.


RealPar Landing Assistance

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SkyTalkTeam offers landings assistance for FS2004 pilots with their new RealPar program. “……REALPAR is a radio-locator for landing that allows you to get voice info about plane location on approach. Data about airplane location are sent to the pilot (you) at regular time intervals. They are related to flight approach,…