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FSAddon WW2 Twin at simMarket

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FSAddon’s latest release, the Lockheed Hudson series of bombers, patrol and transport aircraft, has been made available through simMarket. Covering no fewer than 11 variants, including both military and civil models, the package also includes a number of droppable payloads such as bombs, depth charges and life rafts as well…


Westland Lysander Hollywood Star

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Here’s another great little movie for you to check out. This one is made by Jaggyroad Films of Cody Bergland and featuring the recently released and already very popular ‘Lysander Special Operations’ product, published here on simMarket by FSAddon Publishing. “… Lysander Special Operations includes 2 types of the model…


Lysander Special Operations Released

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Finally after 6 years of research, planning and development, the FSAddon Publishing Westland Lysander has been released! Francois of FSAddon remarks that “….. the past few weeks, trying to get this released before Christmas as promised, must have been as stressful as some of the flights the pilots undertook with…


FSAddon Lysander Launch Before Christmas

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Francois Dumas of FSAddon Publishing reports that “…. our long awaited Lysander Special Operations package will be launched before Christmas 2009 after all. The model included is based on the Lysander still flying at the Shuttleworth Collection in the UK, which is painted in the colors of the Lysanders of…