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G-force Gauge From Simkits

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Simkits from The Netherlands released a special G-force gauge for your home cockpit. “….. We’ve received several requests to implement the value for a G-Force gauge in our USB software. This gauge is used in airplanes like the Extra 300 and shows how much G you are pulling at that…

Hardware & Cockpit

New Software Module From GoFlight

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GoFlight Inc. “……is proud to announce the release of a new support software, version 1.81. GF Config is a convenient application that lets you assign a wide variety of avionics, instrument panel, autopilot, and other functions to your GoFlight hardware. It automatically detects installations of Microsoft Flight Sim 2002, Flight…

Press Releases

Abacus celebrates its 30th anniversary

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This year Abacus celebrates their 30th anniversary. And to celebrate this, they’re holding a 30% off sale. As a big thanks to all of their patrons who have supported them for the past 30 years. Abacus is a designer, developer and publisher of PC software and books. Founded in 1978,…


TrackIR Pro Software Upgrade

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Found on the web site of NaturalPoint, the makers of TrackIR, a new version of the TrackIR software for download. This brings it to version 4.1.35. This is software for TrackIR Pro 4, the nifty little device that will make your pilot’s head turn in the game, by just slightly…