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ETS2 in Spanish at simMarket

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We posted on the day of release that due to license restrictions, only German versions of European Truck Simulator 2 were availale to purchase via simMarket. Well, we’re pleased to be able to announce that Spanish customers can also now purchase teir language version as well. More details can be…

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Drubware release FS Cabin Crew Full Edition

By 0 Anyone who has been waiting for a “multi language” pack of Drubware’s FS Cabin Crew will be pleased to know that the Full Edition, featuring English, German, Spanish and French language packs, is now available from simMarket via the product page here. The single language versions are also still…


Drubware – FS Cabin Crew Spanish Edition

By 0 As promoted since the beginning, Drubware adds another language to FS Cabin Crew. The flight attendant, pilot and copilot voices can be heared now in Spanish. If you already have a complete English or German Edition, then just purchase FS Cabin Crew Spanish Pack. If you just want the Spanish…


FS Cabin Crew Spanish set

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After the English and German Editions, FS Cabin Crew will receive a Spanish set soon. Announced on Tweeter, the next Spanish Edition should be available as a complete package if you just want Spanish announcements, or as a Spanish Pack if you want to add it to English and or…


Capitan Virtual’s Navigación

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Some news for our Spanish speaking readers is that Capitan Virtual has released its Spanish manual that teaches you everything you always wanted to know for your simulated navigation. In Spanish. It is now available through the new simMarket on-line shop here.