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FSX Steam Edition: Updates, Fixes and Comment

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It’s hard to write about a new release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, as if there was ever a topic that’s been beaten to death more than once, it’s a list of the advantages and flaws of the “final proper part of the MSFS franchise”. FSX is a title that…

Dovetail Games

FSX Steam Edition available

By 2 That original release trailer is still really cheesy and inappropriate, but over ten years after the release of Flight Sim 2004 A Century of Flight, we’re announcing the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X… Hang on… Haven’t we done this before? Dovetail Games’ FSX: Steam Edition is basically the same as…

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TS2015 language patch, 6MT and half price sale

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Users of Dovetail Games Train Simulator 2015 should have seen their sim update today, bringing support for six additional languages to the platform – German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Russian – meaning that additional content is natively supported in those languages rather than having to be used in English. To…


Gone Fishin’… For clues?

By 0 The Early Access version of Dovetail Games Fishing is now available through Steam, for those who want to be involved in the development of the title through to completion and formal release. But, you ask, what the hook and line has that got to do with flight simming? Well,…

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Anything look familiar?

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If you fancy a blast from your simming past, a quick glance at the Steam “new releases” today will have you reaching for the credit card, as the Microprose’s Fleet Defender – The F-14 Tomcat Simulation and F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0 have been added to the line-up by Retroism.…


TS2015 goes live on Thursday, patch Monday.

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Updated to Correct dates: Just a quick reminder to our readers that use Dovetail Games Train Simulator 2014, that the next version of the sim, predictably entitled Train Simulator 2015,  is released on Thursday, following a patch to enable content to work in the new sim, which will be released…

Other Simulations


By 0 Every now and then, someone gets a bit shirty at us for posting articles about simulators other than those directly surrounding aircraft. Well, this one involves flying. Sort of. As you can see from the trailer video. Yes, it’s finally here! The game to end all games, or at…


Steam Greenlight adds X-Plane 10 to line-up

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Steam’s Greenlight scheme, where they gather user input as to which titles should be added to the online-distribution system, has been building rapidly since launch and the latest batch of ‘Greenlit’ titles includes a couple that could well be of interest to the simFlight readership – the first of which,…


One day left to OMSI 2

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Fans of German bus simulator OMSI have just over 24 hours to wait until they can get their copy of its successor, featuring reworked versions of old content, plus a new vehicle and route. The sim is backwards compatible, so content for OMSI will work in OMSI2, but unlike the…