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Review: Supression’s Wonderful Scenery Enhancer 2009

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Staff reviewer Rick Desjardins is back with yet another review, this time he looked at a new product from a new developer:  Wonderful Scenery Enhancer 2009 (yes, that is ‘Supression’ with one P only!). In advance.. he is not 100% happy with the installation procedure for example but…. read on…



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Supression Flight, the new developers from Peru have upgraded their already popular ENVIRONMENT 2009 V1.12 with he following new features: New Envmap Making Realistic Chrome Reflections!!! New Cumulus Textures in HD New And Realistic SpotLight!!! New Eye candy Surprises!!! 19 New Splash Screens!!! 19 New Aircraft Menu Backround!!! Reworked Installer…


EA-300 Sound Set

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Supression Flight has released a sounsdet for the EA-300 aerobatics plane, and its Lycoming engine. The soundset includes  “….. internal and external realistic engine sound, internal and external startups and shutdowns, custom ground asphalt roll sound and customized ambient sounds…..”. And the reason we mention this here is because you…


Another FS2004 Enhancement Program

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Supression Flight from Peru has published their ‘Environment 2009’. Basically it enhances the many effects that are default in FS2004 by replacing them with their own, improved, effects. Some things that get covered are realistic water reflections, realistic water textures, amazing coral/caribbean water, natural 3D animated clouds, new interior &…