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Wilco threefold: E-Jets, Tilt Rotor & Missions

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Wilco has relaunched three titles previoulsy available  as downloads only in their own shop, on simMarket now, they are: WILCO – E-JET SERIES is the depiction of the Embraer 170/190 line of airliners from Brazil, made by Feelthere and, we had reported here. WILCO – AVIATION & MISSION FOR 737 PILOT IN…


Wilco Updates Tilt Rotor

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Wilco Publishing reports they have just released new features and improvements to their “….. revolutionary tilt rotor aircraft. This upgrade represents the single most important improvement in replicating real-world VTOL conversion/transitional flight on a PC-based flight simulator, adding a more accurate “FLY-BY-WIRE” simulation….”. They have also reduced the prioce of…


Review: Wilco Tiltrotor (FSX Version)

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a Bell-Agusta BA609 Tiltrotor. Seen only at air shows and other “Public relations” events over the past few years, the Tiltrotor was recently released into the sim skies by Wilco Publishing. Due for civilian certification in 2010, this new aircraft…


Wilco’s Revolution: Tilt your Rotor, Land in your Garden!

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Tilt Rotor does the trick,  a VTOL (that’s Vertical Take Off and Landing)  and VSTOL (that’s Vertical/Short Take Off and Landing, yes we had to look it up aswell) capable ingenious concept of flying that Wilco Publishing has now announced to port into the Flight Simulator. But see the movie…