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TrackIR supports Train Sim 2015

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According to the official blog of Train Simulator 2015,, it appears that their sim will make part of the hundreds of games already supported by TrackIR. A complete set of this wonderful device can be purchased at

Hardware & Cockpit

TrackIR Beta releases

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It’s nice to see your hardware will have updated drivers so you can keep on using it for more years ! The popular head tracking device TrackIR has new drivers – in Beta versions – in order to support Windows 8 and Prepar3d flight simulator of Lockheed Martin. Download, uninstall…


Microsoft Flight update available

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The recently announced update for Microsoft Flight has been released and is now available to users by starting up the sim and connecting to the Games for Windows Live service. The update brings a number of fixes and upgrades to the sim, including the much requested support for TrackIR hardware.…

Add-on or Expansion Pack

Microsoft Flight update announced

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While the “animated discussions” about their continuous release of “lite” warbirds continue unabated, the Microsoft Flight team have this evening announced that they do occasionally listen to constructive criticism and comment, with news of an upcoming patch via their Facebook page and the Flight news page. Amongst a string of…


TrackIR 5 Review

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I’m digging up not the newest piece of hardware here, NaturalPoints TrackIR 5. What got me interested is that owners of TrackIR hardware often seem to be divided between lovers and haters. Either you love it, and use it, or you hate it and it gathers dust somewhere. This, combined…


TrackIR Pro Software Upgrade

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Found on the web site of NaturalPoint, the makers of TrackIR, a new version of the TrackIR software for download. This brings it to version 4.1.35. This is software for TrackIR Pro 4, the nifty little device that will make your pilot’s head turn in the game, by just slightly…

Press Releases

Free Space Shuttle Mission 2007 Demo

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The folks at Exciting Simulations tell us that “…….now you can try your hands at the easiest of all Space Shuttle missions: STS-1. This was the maiden flight of the Space Shuttle program, and now you can fly it as part of a fully functional DEMO of the award-winning Space…