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Trainz goes Modernist with Halycon media

By 0 German language publishers Halycon Media have released an add-on for Trainz Simulator 10 (or later), featuring the 1930s T1 steam loco and rolling stock of the Pennsylvania Railroad. With a number of individually identified locomotives and coaches, the add-on takes you back to the days of glamour and style…

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Junior Trainz from Halycon Media

By 0 We don’t normally post the “less simmy” stuff sold through simMarket here, but along with all the more serious/realistic development for Railworks3/Train Simulator 2012, we thought this one might catch peoples’ eyes as a bit of fun. Unfortunately it’s available in German only at this time, but if you…

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Is Flight Simulation On The Decline??

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Have you noticed too lately that the top selling products on simMarket (and elsewhere, I bet) are NOT flight simulator related anymore? Is everybody turning into simulated farmers and demolition guys these days? And no, I am NOT going to tell you about the chess program now on simMarket! Anyway,…

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Halycon Trams For Trainz

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Another new title from the German Halycon box publisher (in German only this time!) is the tramway for Trainz 2009 train simulator in the fictive city of Cabon. With the (renewed) demise of the Microsoft Trains Simulator there are more and more Trainz add-ons appearing. The Cabon City title looks…

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Trainz 2009 Now Also At Just Trains

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Scott Phillips of Just Flight reports that “…… Just Trains is pleased to announce that the download version of Trainz 2009 is now available.  The Trainz series of standalone train simulators has now sold over a million copies and the latest version is set to break a few more box…