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Venture MG.1 Official Promo Video

By 0 Jaggyroad Films have uploaded the official promo video they have created for the Iris Venture MG.1 motor glider to YouTube. Along with the usual high-quality visuals, the video shows a number of the features of the package, so if you’re considering the aircraft – or just a fan of…


AviaTrainX from PremierSim

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PremierSim have issued a press release to announce the release of their AviaTrainX “Video Training Solution” for flight simulator pilots of the Airbus A320 aircraft. “With AviaTrainX A320 a new understanding of the complex A320 and its systems will emerge right at your fingertip. Get a full understanding and explanation…


Brussels Airport from Just Planes

By 0 The latest Just Planes DVD release takes us to Brussels Airport, with over 5 hours of footage filmed between 1998 and 2012. Featuring almost 600 landings and takeoffs and over 130 airlines, the time period over which this has been filmed provides footage of airlines long gone from the…


Realflying Cessna Citation XLS video

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Realflying’s latest downloadable video covers the operation of the Cessna Citation XLS business jet and a flight in the type from Innsbruck to Berlin. Lasting 90 minutes, the video covers all aspects of the aircraft’s operation and includes several other approaches and departures in addition to the full single flight.…


Just Planes go TransAtlantic in an A319

By 0 It’s not a common sight to see an airliner best known for short haul inter-city hops crossing the Atlantic, but that’s exactly what Air Canada do between Newfoundland and London in the summer months. Just Planes have recorded not only a flight itself, but the CheckRide where a captain…


Varig MD-11 DVD from Just Planes

By 0 This one isn’t so much a new release from Just Planes as a re-release on (NTSC format only) DVD. “Close to 15 years after this was filmed, we’re delighted to bring a classic collectable back for the 1st time on DVD! Previously it had been partially released on the…


Just Planes Air Labrador

By 0 A distinct step down in scale from their usual releases, this DVD from Just Planes follows the deHavilland Twin Otter and Beech 1900 turboprop fleets of Air Labrador. Providing an overview of winter operations in the Goose Bay, Labrador, region, the DVD covers a wider range, if in a…


Swiss A330-300 joins JustPlanes collection

By 0 The latest addition to JustPlanes’ collection of aviation DVDs and Blu-Ray disks is this, following the A330-300 fleet of Swiss Airlines. In amongst the greater than four hours of video footage are segments showing flight planning for and selection of Oceanic tracks, as well as a presentation on Transatlantic…


Airbus X Extended Tutorial Part 1

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httpv:// Mathijs Kok launched his recording tool to upload then a tutorial video of the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended. It will show you how to proceed from dark and cold state to be ready for takeoff. You will hear actual sounds effects, checklist and copilot interactions included in the product.…


Ethiopian Airlines videos from Just Planes

By 0 Aviation may not be the first thing that comes to most peoples’ minds when hearing of the African country of Ethiopia, but its flag carrier airline is well on the way to becoming Africa’s largest airline, with a growing fleet of modern aircraft in its colours. Just Planes’ latest…

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