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VRS – Superbug and TacPack in P3Dv2 Reviewed

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For the last couple of years, anybody interested in military aviation in FSX hasn’t been able to get around Vertical Reality Simulations’ F/A-18E Superbug for its attention to detail, or their TacPack module for how it brings weapons to a sim that wasn’t designed to handle them. A couple of…


VRS Roadmap in 2015

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We invite you to read the complete announcement of VRS to get all their projects status and details for this year 2015. To make it short, they will adapt their successful F/A-18 for P3D and FSX Steam Edition, and we’ll also see soon F/A-18E and F variants.

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Iris Warthog Driver II with TacPack

By 1 The updated version of Iris Simulations’ Warthog Driver package has been quite eagerly anticipated by users of VRS’s TacPack module, as the primary feature of the reworked simulation based on the A-10 is integration with the Vertical Reality combat system. There are, however, a number of other reworked functions…

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Tutorial video of Iris A-10A with TacPack

By 0 This combat malarkey in FSX is still causing a bitter divide between users – those who think it is absolutely essential to have armament on any aircraft that could have it in the real world, versus those who don’t want it anywhere near the purely civilian and proud of…

Freeware News

Free : New version of Dino Cattaneo F-35 with TacPac

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Dino Cattaneo’s F-35 Lightning II (freeware) is definitely a must-have, and now even more since the new update adds the VRS TacPac support. It requires Vertical Reality Simulation’s Tacpack module. Compatible weapons and functions have been added along the weapon configurator, with improved afterburner effects and heat shimmer effects.

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VRS : TacPack in Open Beta

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TAC Pack will be an expansion for the VRS F/A-18E Superbug, bringing realistic and functional weapons with realistic physics, performance, effects. Only if you preordered yours, access to the open beta is possible and detailed in their forum.


VRS – F/A-18E Superbug FSX

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Fellow fighters pilots, it seems like a must-have add-on is ready to fly. VRS team (for Vertical Reality Simulations) released a new FSX version of their F/A-18E Superbug. Not an update from FS2004, this package includes many new features as a new external and VC models with all expected reflecting…


F/A-18 Hornet Superbug Reduced In Price

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VR Simulations has reduced their FS2004 Hornet package in price. They wrote about it “…..The VRS F/A-18E Super Hornet, or “Superbug”, is the first  true 3-axis fly-by-wire combat aircraft designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The flight model is not “fly-by-wire-like”, it’s a dynamic, fully control-law-dependent proportional control system driving a…


VRS’s F/A-18E Hornet For FS2004

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Vertical Reality Simulations have produced an outstanding FS2004 model of the venerable Hornet. “….. Crafted by a small, dedicated team of developers who also happen to be engineers in real life, the VRS F/A-18E seeks to provide what we believe is by far the most comprehensive overall simulation of ANY…


Review: VRS F/A 18E “Superbug”

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simFlight Networks forum member “Skinny Puppy” has been occupying himself with the Vertical Reality Simulations (VRS) Superbug these past few weeks and has found it such a challenging and interesting addon aircraft that he felt moved to write a review about it. Readers thinking about adding this plane to their…

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