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Winds Everywhere

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From time to time one finds sites that are really neat! This is the case of the just launched and really interesting Czech Windyty site. It shows a dynamic graphical depiction of winds, temperatures, pressures, clouds and humidity around the world using real-world data from different sites. It has nice and…


FlightPort website redesign

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This one may be of more interest to our German readers – FlightPort have announced a major reworking of their website, including the use of a new platform and today a link to their new forum was added to the site. The full announcement can be found on their website…

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Another HJG Web Site Update

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Mark Cranston sent us another of his extensive reports regarding their Historic Jetliners Website. “…..Presenting “PART 2″ of HJG’s 4th anniversary website update ….featuring the following new B720, B727, DC8, and DC9 files for FS2004 and FSX… those files which couldn’t be accommodated within the groups recent April website update…..”.


Duxford In The Battle of Britain

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This summer you’ll see more news about the Battle of Britain, English aviation events and museums and other related topics. Why? Because in 2010 it will be exactly 70 years ago that the Battle of Britain was fought between the RAF and the Luftwaffe and there are plenty of commemorations…

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FlightSoft’s New Website

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Pat Zoffreo, President of FlightSoft, reports that “……. FlightSoft is about to launch a brand new website featuring its extensive line of Flight Simulator add-on products for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.  In a recent interview FlightSoft’s President & CEO said  “Our extensive new line of FSX titles blanket the entire world…