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Virtual Fly : the yoke for flight sim

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iU6rUEbr7ys&feature=player_embedded Virtual Fly manufactured a new yoke for flight simulation, with a case made of steel and the yoke of aluminium. Two buttons and two switches

CLS Economy FFB Yoke

Brunner Elektronik‘s CLSE force feedback yoke, available in both USB and Ethernet connection options, is now available to purchase via the manufacturer’s website. “The CLSE

7 days left to back FFB Yoke

It’s been discussed a fair amount in the simulation community, but if you have any money left and want to back the project, The Kickstarter

GoFlight : 737-like yoke announced

You can easily recognize the 737 style yoke, revealed by GoFlight, and named GF-Pro Yoke System. It will be introduced on 13th April at the Flightsim

FFB Yoke from Brunner Elektronik

Swiss company Brunner Elektronik have announced the release of their Control Loading System Basic Yoke – a force feedback yoke designed for use with commercial

VR Insight new modules series

There no less than 7 new products of VR Insight at simMarket : the Instrument Radiostack Pro also available as separate modules are ones of

Saitek Pro Flight Cessna devices

In partnership with Cessna, Saitek Pro Flight series includes three new devices : the yoke, rudder pedals and the trim wheel. Connect authentic parts of

Saitek – Cessna Yoke Reviewed

The best known, and most used, piece of hardware for flight simulator is the joystick. However, for basic aircraft control there are also yokes available.

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