More WiP shots of classy classic VC!

It’s not really fair on developer Jan Visser, to crop his hard work down as hard as we have above, but if you want to see the full images of his work in progress VC upgrade for the Manfred Jahn freeware DC-3/C-47 package for FSX, you’ll have to visit all 42 and counting pages of […]

Want to learn more about the DC-3?

The Douglas DC-3/C-47 is an enduring icon; an aviation classic that has survived in regular commercial operation for over 60 years, outliving almost all of its replacements. Unsurprisingly, as a result of this, it has developed a considerable fanbase.

If you’re a member of that enthusiast collection, would you be interested in getting your hands […]

DC-3 Hangar update and news

Trevor Morson of The DC-3 Hangar has been in contact to announce a facelift to the long-standing and well regarded site.

“The DC-3 Hangar” web site at has been given a face lift. There is information of another massive DC-3 gathering at an airshow in Topeka, Kansas, US, scheduled for August 1st to 4th, […]

TSS Soundset for DC-3 (P&W)

The venerable DC-3 is still one of the most popular aircraft in the world, as well as one of the oldest still in regular scheduled airline service. It is, therefore, unsurprising that it is also very popular in flight simulation circles as well.

Taking their recordings from the […]

The Saab 340 Is Alive! X-Plane 10

Leading Edge Simulations, developer of the DC-3 for X-Plane 10, announces that their Saab 340 project that was stopped has been proceeded into X-Plane 10 platform.

Two screenshots, the throttle quadrant and the overhead panel, are posted on the forum of


JustFlight DC-3 Expansion Pack

For the JustFlight DC-3 Legends of Flight, there’s an expansion pack available bringing ..” seven classic DC-3 airliner liveries, three C-47 aircraft, the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Dakota ‘Pegasus’ and the ‘Spooky’ AC-47 Gunship”.

Apart from the mentioned addon, you need FSX and an active internet connection.


JustFlight – DC-3 Legends of Flight

We all agree the DC-3 is a legend and attracts many people in actual musuem or historic flying events.

JustFlight DC-3 brings life to that Legend in FSX, with different models variants including some military and other commercial airlines liveries. Of course, the interiors and virtual cockpit are highly detailed, up to ignition systems.


Sonic Solutions – DC-3 75th Anniversary Soundpack

To celebrate 75th DC-3 anniversay, Sonic Solutions release a complete FSX soundpack made by Vance Dylan. Sampled in 16bit-48Khz quality, it includes various audio features and details syncrhonized with FS events. Available at

JustFlight Projects

JustFlight claims two actual projects, the A320 Jetliner and DC-3 Pilot. Both will be modeled for FSX only. The A320 is developed by JustFlight internal team, while the DC-3 will come from Aeroplane Heaven developers. Read their news item.

DC-3 Diaries

More aviation history! As we have already reported there will be a BIG DC-3 fly-in at the Oshkosh event this year commemorating the 75th birthday of the old Gooney Bird! The organizers have now also opened a ‘blog’ where DC-3 veteran pilots are sharing their memories of flying the aircraft. The main DC-3 […]