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If you like Brussels airport EBBR, you will be pleased to see the new version 2.1 for P3D5 released by JustSim to improve even further the scenery. Launch your flight to the capital of Belgium, and you will notice the following differences : Version 2.1 changelog : “The photo background has been changed. New autogen objects have been added. AFCAD file has been modified. The GSX configuration file has been modified. Minor fixes.”

Aerosoft officially made their CRJ Professional compatible with P3D5 by the release of the update v2.2 (SP1). Many improvements have been implemented at the same time, along the virtual cockpit adaptation to the new PBR features in P3D V5. Changelog Version (Service Pack 1) – Initial P3D V5 version: [Added] Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick support (shifted Idle position for throttle slider) [Fixed] P3D window focus gain/loss detection improved [Fixed] Better interception of legs following (INTC) legs [Fixed] Missing condition for LOC FMA indication to stop flashing [Improved] LOC tracking slightly improved [Added] FS2Crew trigger for ground power and ground air…

FSRepaint is a tool to edit or create from scratch aircraft liveries for P3D, FSX, and down to FS2000. This repainting software allows up to 4 views at once, and to display live the changes that you made, even in 3D without the need of the simulator. The author announced the Version 2.25 with 4K textures support. Press Release : “Version 2.25 brings several bug fixes and some new features, including the so requested support for 4096 x 4096 pixels textures and newer aircraft models (PBR). FSREPAINT is an easy-to-use software for changing the appearance of your FSIM aircraft. Compatible…

Update : the latest update is online for both P3D v5 and v4. The awaited update for the FSL A320-X in P3D V5 has been sent to the Beta testers team, and they have been allowed to share screenshots. Here are the technical introduction of the main developers, with passengers windows remodelled with blinds animations according to the sun position and day time. And here is the forum post with Beta screenshots.

The multiple parallel runways in the South of Turkey are ready for the early and virtual summer tourists at Antalya LTAI. It’s the new version 2 for P3D v5 or V4 by JustSim. The P3D5 product is available for free if you get first the V2 P3D4 version. Otherwise, there’s also a price reduced option given to owners of older sceneries of JustSim – Antalya.

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