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New product to please the fans of British military aircraft of the WWII era :  Firefly F1, FR1 & NF1 pack models the Fairey Firefly ! Bravo Zulu included “extended range tanks and 60lb rockets”, the AN/APS-6 radar display and 10 liveries.

The forum of Flight Sim Jewels shows the upcoming upgrade being prepared for the French Polynesia “Society Islands”. The future HD textures are compared to the current version so you can see the increased details of the scenery.

As promised, PMDG released last night their Boeing 747-8 expansion, for either P3D or FSX. Of course, I have to remind it requires that you have the prior base pack Queen of the Skies II 747-400. P3D users will be charged USD 69.99, while FSX licence is yours for USD 49.99. Below is the new features list introduced by the expansion : Fly By Wire upgrades, new FMS design, GEnx Engines, Electronic Checklists (ECL), Airport Map Display, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Vertical Situation Display (VSD), the debut of PMDG RainMaker, a dynamic rain, snow and fog effects generator and visual…

New invitation to fly over the beautiful and photoreal scenery of FranceVFR : now in Alsace VFR 3DA for P3D4. It’s not a flat and small area : wide and full region, with custom and dense Autogen for both buildings and vegetation, accurately placed, and completed with custom landmarks for a complete environment  perfect for VFR flights.

It’s Just Flight internal designers who are developing this Beechcraft Duchess 76, following the success of PA-28R Arrow III and Hawk T1/A. Now you get the point where they want to set the quality target, pretty high with custom coded systems with accurate performance of the aircraft, combined with a very realistic and detailed 3D model of course.

Next weekend, PMDG may be able to release the awaited expansion 747-8i for Queen of the Skies II. The developers team will announce later the exact content, price and so on. Just like the base products, FSX and P3D licences will be sold separately.

MK-Studios launch a modern scenery of Lisbon P3D4. The main airport of the capital city in Portugal exists now with SODE single and double jetways, water accumulation on the taxiways/runways, interactive holding points lights and many more. During a few days, their previous products can be purchased with a 30% discount.

The excellent looking DA62 of Diamond will become soon a flying model in P3D and FSX, thanks to Carenado. Out of his modern design, It’s particularly appreciated for its low fuel consumption and the comfortable interior space to the 7 seats including the pilots.

Customers of the A320 Family Bundle Professional fir P3D4 can now download the Airbus A320/A321, added to their simMarket account. If you have waited for the Airbus A320/A321 Professional P3D4 pack, here it is. Aerosoft raised the 3D modelling quality and performance. It receives also RealLight and TrueGlass features.

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