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Important message for virtual pilots who own FSLabs Airbus models, the lead developer and founder Lefteris Kalamars introduce the new updates to allow the A321-X to fly in P3D v5 (with Hot Fix 2), including the native PBR texturing. What’s next ? Then, he detailed their road map : starting by A319-X update for P3D v5, and the sharklets 3D models addition, as actual aircraft non-NEO can have them if manufactured after 2013.

First product in the line of Way Addons, it’s made for V5 and V4 : for the launch of the Colombian airport scenery Medellin SKMD, they sell it with a price cut by 25% OFF. It makes an affordable product including photoreal terrain, dynamic lights and night effects. And simMarket customers reviews say that it deserves 5 stars out of 5.

The recent development updates (part 1 and part 2) from Just Flight about their 747 Classic give details about the cockpit features and systems that they are including. TCAS, INS with DME update, EPR limits, TFDi Design RealLight and TrueGlass visual effects.. so yes, the 747 Classic will come loaded !

By watching the promo video of Digital Design – Liverpool P3D, you can be sure of one thing : from the terrain, to the ground service vehicles and including the airport buildings, hotels, they all look in their right place, with HD and sharp textures. The whole scenery is a great quality product again from Digital Design, and it’s made for both P3D v5 and P3D v4.4.

Not easy to guess only with the picture, so Prealsoft specified that these shots are extracted from the current development of Tunis Carthage airport (DTTA) in Northern Africa. The second info, is that they “hope to make it compatible” with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator too, beside P3D5 ! Almost all their existing products are on sale 25% OFF until August 01st.

Between Dresden and Erfurt, the German airport Leipzig-Halle (EDDP) is another P3D5/P3D4 scenery in Digital Design’s catalogue at simMarket. Their previous products have been well appreciated for their details and terrain. SODE jetways and the automatic seasons change are also among the features list.

At Luxembourg Findel airport, JustSim made much more than just porting to P3D5 the scenery. It’s a new version 2.1 that you can order for a small upgrade price if you have an older P3D or even FSX version of the same airport. In the new product, they changed the photoreal terrain, the dynamic lights and markings just to name some. Version 2.1 changelog : Ground textures have been changed Cargo platforms P7, P10 has been changed Marking on taxiways has been changed / added Dynamic lighting has been changed The photo background has been changed AFCAD file has been…

Rimini International airport in Italy welcomes many tourists from many other European countries, and its P3D5 scenery is now in stock at simMarket. RFscenerybuilding integrated dynamic lights and many custom buildings and textures to allow you to recognize the place if you have ever been there for real.

Two very different projects are being developed by Flight Replicas. The first one of them is the Messerschmitt Bf-109Z, the German fighter used by the Luftwaffe and it will include a very nice virtual cockpit according to the preview pictures posted via Facebook. The second one is the DH/HS.125 Dominie, a military jet aircraft that served for training. And maybe, they will also make the civilian variant with the 3D cabin.

The beautiful and popular scenery in Montenegro of Tivat LYTV has come to P3D5 ! Digital Design gives it as a free update to the registered customers of the P3D4 product. This pack covers both the city and the airport with many realistic and beautiful features.

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