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Hamburg EDDH is the fifth most important airport in Germany, and simmers in need of an updated version will certainly be interested in the new version 2 by JustSim on sale at simMarket. Several new items and enhancements add make-up in the scenery, like SODE jetways and VDGS units at the parkings. Moreover, the terminals, buildings, Autogen and terrain have been also upgraded since the previous version.

Kenia is the new African destination that appeared among the airports sceneries of FSDG. It’s a Lite product, focused on the airport itself, modelling the infrastructure serving the capital Nairobi (HKJK).

Aeroplane Heaven is working on the P3D5 update for their DC-3 and C-47 aircraft packages. It will be better than a simple simulator patch. They will add for free the C-47C amphibious with floats, and “new textures and materials for full V5 support”.

Another major airliner add-on is updated for Prepar3D V5 : it’s the turn of Aerosoft – A330 Professional. The long haul Airbus with its Electronic Flight Bag, interactive check-lists and copilot features is ready for download, and purchase at simMarket if you haven’t got it yet. It’s a free update if it’s already in your P3D4 collection.

A2A Simulations confirmed that three aircraft more from their collection can now fly in P3D V5. All registered customers of the following products can already find updated installers in their customer account at simMarket : Accu-sim Cherokee 180 Accu-sim P-40 (Yes the FREE one) Accu-sim P-51 Civilian

Based on users requests, MK-Studios pushed the update version 1.01 for the Balearic Island scenery of Palma De Mallorca in P3D V5 / V4.5. You will now appreciated the addition of animated vehicles and the wet effects too. Changelog: Fixed SODE jetways, Fixed coastline water blending, Fixed runway lights, Animated vehicles added, Terminal roof details added, Precipitation effects added, Pavement added under terminals.

Bugs fixes, HUD enhancements among other features, and of course, the P3D V5 compatibility are coming along the Service Pack 3 for the QualityWings 787 published by Flight1. Visit this dedicated page for the upgrade process details, various options are offered to the registered customers, full installers, simple upgrades.. Even FSX pilots of the Dreamliner can benefit of these improvements.

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