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The probability to land at Tenerife South (GCTS) is pretty high if you fly to the Canary Islands. With Digital Design scenery for P3D4, you will recognize hotels, bus companies and the local environment very easily thanks to the high accuracy and level of details.

In the mid 1970’s, the Falcon 50 was the answer by Dassault Aviation, the French manufacturer, to the US market demand of long range business jet airplanes. It got replaced almost 20 years later by the 50EX (Extended Range). It’s a new project added to Carenado worksheet.

Exciting news from GodZone : they have uploaded a new picture of Christchurch NZCH airport, in New Zealand of course. We’re already expecting it with its nearby supermarket, the International Antarctic Center. FedEx, DHL and TNT also have offices and they will be certainly included as GodZone always work on wide areas with a high level of detail and accuracy for surroundings.

Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca or all of them at once in the Balearic Islands bundle : Aerosoft and Sim-Wings launch the Professional P3D4 version of their beautiful sceneries. They have been optimized and compiled exclusively for P3D4. Objects, lights and shadows updated with the latest technology.

Flight Sim Labs will announce tomorrow Sunday at 1800Z in their forum an exclusive and new feature of their A319-X. It’s not about the engines variants, we already know they will include both CFM56-5B7 and IAE V2522-A5 engines with their respective performance models. And we are also sure the A319-X will also have its specific flight behavior.

Kansai International (RJBB) serves Osaka city in Japan, and it’s famous because it was built over an artificial island. BDOaviation took the challenge to make a detailed and highly realistic scenery of it, and they have released first the product for P3D v3 and FSX. Pilots who prefer P3D v4 and FS9 will have to wait a bit more for their respective version.

The fantastic Saab S340 is the latest aircraft product released by Carenado at simMarket. If you are ready to fly the twin turboprop of the 1980’s, the pack will provide hours of fun with its HD textures (4096 pixels) and the full startup procedure option.

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