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Most items, buildings and objects included of the Russian scenery have been remade or vastly improved to make the new version 2 of UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X. Drzewiecki Design announce they will release it “this month”, and there will be a discount – about 20% or 25 off – for version 1 registered customers willing to upgrade. First release will be for P3D, followed by X-Plane later.

Blue seas, islands, small airports with a wide variety of aircraft types and airlines, the Aegean Sea and its Greek islands is like a playground. Paros Airport LGPA has been designed by Kolibri Simulations with 4K textures, PBR effects, dynamic lights and SODE animations for a low price in P3D4. Also available for P3D v3/FSX pilots, with less features, obviously unavailable in those 32bit simulators.

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