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Guernsey airport scenery is very close to release, UK2000 Scenery plans to launch sales on 28th April. It will be another Xtreme title, the guarantee of a high density of 3D objects, high definition textures, animations, vehicles for this airport found on the island close to French territory.

That’s a masterpiece landing at simMarket. Flightbeam Studios expand their simMarket catalogue with KSFO HD, the version 2 of San Francisco International scenery for P3D v4/v3 and FSX. Totally free of Addon Manager, all of their products are now coming with their own Flightbeam Manager. Of course, the advanced and top realistic features of special environment effects, dynamics lights and SODE animations justify the fact it is a must-have.

For FSPassengers fans, the waiting of a new edition for P3D4 64bit may come to an end. Its main developer feeds his forum with development news to confirm he’s progressing on the hacks and memory access needed for the addon. Belly landing and tire explosion at landing are still some events that may happen.

Just Flight complete their general aircraft models featuring advanced simulations with custom coded systems. After the popular TB-10/TB-20, and Piper PA28R, it’s now time to fly the Cessna 152 with proper flight dynamics, procedures up to the functional circuit breakers.

Designed by Micheal Cepanda and his team for Aerosoft, this new Douglas DC-8 is an exclusive pack for P3D4. Including the 50 series, it’s a In-depth simulation of more than 10 aircraft systems like the INS navigation system : manual insertion of waypoints, realistic inertial alignment, drift and DME update procedure.

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