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I bet you will be impressed by the global quality and coverage of this Polish scenery delivered by Drzewiecki Design for various simulators at once : FSX/FSX:SE/FSW/P3Dv1-v4 are all supported in this single product pack. What do you get included ? The airport of EPKK Kraków is very well detailed with high definition, photoreal and PBR textures, featuring a wide variety of airport objects, vehicles, trains and static aircraft. And, the city itself is depicted with custom buildings, landmarks and Autogen.

Head over to Puerto Rico in the Caribbean, where the second most important airport has been detailed for P3D4 and for FSX by Centralsim. TJBQ Aguadilla has a single runway, but there are not only commercial flights to serve the western region of Puerto Rico island with beautiful beaches in front of the Dominican Republic. There is a also military airbase at the airport named Rafael Hernández.

Nanjing Lukou ZSNJ airport in China is found between Shangai and Hefei, and this is our next meeting point with WF Scenery Studio in Prepar3D v4. They have just uploaded this preview video where all promised features are checked : animated jetways, ground polygon with advanced visual effects for example.

TOGA Projects announced the first update to come soon for their recent and already popular Envsound, a new and immersive environmental enhancement, with a global coverage in P3D FSX. Soon, we should also see reworked and free GSX profiles from their team for airports add-ons, and the first one will be LIRQ Trieste by Tropicalsim.

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