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For P3D5 and P3D4 pilots, MP Design Studio designed an advanced Bell 206 add-on with realistic startup and shutdown actual procedures. Their pack is pretty complete, as the animations, sounds and custom dynamics are made for simmers in need of realistic flights in the popular helicopter model.

Three important aircraft add-ons are currently in development for P3D, and Just Flight have new screens to show their progress. The first pics posted here show the BAe 146 Professional : tested in P3D5, the preview shows the new custom-coded FMS. Below are copied the preview pics of the Airbus A300B4-200, focused on the virtual cockpit with realistic textures and advanced 3D details. And now, here are the first screenshots to reveal the virtual cockpit of the Fokker F-28 with the textures applied on the 3D model.

This Croatian scenery is an up-to-date reproduction of Split Airport LDSP,, including the major expansions and reconstruction of the actual site. P3D 5 simmers will see sloped runways, but the other features are common with P3D 4.5. In fact, the product also include the Military Base “Divujle”  LDHD with surroundings, towns, and local harbour to dive into the region.

The developer PESIM informed us that he’s currently working on the airport scenery of Biarritz LFBZ, located in the Southwestern region of France. “The ground work is complete including an ultra realistic design and PBR as well as custom and generic rain effects. Airport lights objects as well as windsocks have also been added as well as 3D grass. We still have a lot of work to do on the effects and modeling of buildings + object libraries as well as vehicles and other animations before launching the beta tests.” We wish him good luck to complete his scenery who…

Luxury and sporty define pretty well the Tecnam P2010, designed by Aeroplane Heaven for P3D 5 and P3D 4.5 in its most powerful variant, equipped with the engine of Lycoming, delivering 215 hp @ 2,700 rpm. The latest PBR techniques and HD textures designed by the team can be checked on the commercial screenshots visibles at simMarket.

Getting better and better, MK-Studios have released their Version 3 of Tenerife Vol.1 and Vol.2 for P3D5. In the volume 1, there is a beautiful rendition of Tenerife South aiport (GCTS) with PBR features, SODE VDGS, and the complete island, The volume 2 is an expansion for the first one, which adds Tenerife North (GCXO) with its HD surroundings, with the same airport details and quality (PBR / SODE).

ANTALYA AIRPORT LTAI V.2 X-PLANE 11 : The main changes by JustSim in the version 2 of this Turkish holiday destination are the ground polygons textures upgrade, and the addition of new parking lots and taxiways signs. LUXEMBOURG ELLX V2.1 X-PLANE 11 : Update 2.1 for the big airport of Luxembourg, focused on ground enhancements with new ground markings, more cars and water fixed. Terminal buildings cast light now, for an improved realism. MALTA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT V.2 P3D5 : On the island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the international airport has now PBR materials and GSX settings updated…

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