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Various fixes are included in the latest update v1.5 released by QualityWings for their Ultimate 146 Collection. It will avoid you to suffer Crash-to-desktop related with the TCAS, the autopilot systems and the aircraft dynamics are also impacted. Find all details here.

The main night textures tasks for ZBAA Bejing airport scenery are are done, announce A_A Sceneries. Still remain the final touch to the satellite photo at night, tweaks and bugs checking. When they can, the first release will be for FSX users. Second, will come out the P3D4 version with dynamic lights. And last, X-Plane pilots will also have their Beijing airport scenery.

6 detailed airlines liveries are packed in the new bundle #12 of PaintSim for Captain Sim 757-200 III. They used ultra high resolution at 4096 pixels to reproduce the following liveries : 1. British Airways “BBC”2. Loftleidir Icelandic3. Loftleidir Icelandic “Krone Rejser”4. Air Finland5. Abercrombie & Kent (Icelandair)6. Euro Atlantic Airways

At the beginning of this year, Majestic Software confirms their first priority will be the Q400 Training Edition. It’s not decided yet if they will implement new visual features like PBR effects, advanced rain effects and dynamic lights to follow the release of P3D v4.4. After the Train Edition, they will focus again on the development of the Q300 V2.

The TA-4J is a trainer variant of the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, without weapons systems. It’s the current project of IndiaFoxtEcho and there’s a poll via Facebook to know if the product should be compatible for FSX with some limitations, or if it should a P3D v4.4 product only with PBR features and better systems.

Bill Womack has already prepared an update version 1.1 for his beautiful scenery of Portland KPDX published by FlightBeam Studios. The few fixes include some ground markings, the placement of taxiways hatch marks, addition of trees.

Milviz launch a new pack of the F-4E Phantom II Advanced Series that includes the MilViz F-4E , the F-4E TacPack Addon, and the F-4E ADV Addon together in a single purchase. There’s also the F-4J and F-4S (Advanced Series) carrier capable models in a separate pack, also directly integrated with Tac Pack features.

The popular team of Aeroplane Heaven is modelling a shiny Cessna 140, the first commercial success of Cessna company immediately after the Second World War. Despite of the its simple architecture and rough comfort, the pilot had complete avionics for this era : airspeed indicator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, turn coordinator, heading indicator, … Slovenia X and Slovenia X Airports for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D (all versions) have been released. Slovenia X offers a complete rendition of Slovenia, covering the small but incredibly diverse country from hilly southern to mountainous northern regions and from Adriatic coasts to the eastern plains. Slovenia X Airports adds over 40 Slovenian airfields and airstrips, all with custom and customised buildings, aeroplanes, seasonal greenery (grass, trees and other objects), default sim objects and lots of clutter, which bring the airfields to life.  The link with more info and images:

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