Browsing: Prepar3D Basic or Pro ? You have now the choice between two versions if you want to fly the vintage Boeing 314 The Clipper produced by Pilot’S FSG for P3D5, or P3D4.5. The BASIC version is made for pilots who want to load and fly, quickly. Nevertheless, you get the bells and whisles of the visual and main pilot features : the complete Virtual Cockpit with Navigation and Radio Room, the authentic and realistic gauges, custom sounds and 4K textures, and a basic use of the Sperry Type A Gyropilot for transoceanic flights. For the complete table of differences between…

Leonardo Software quickly announced the compatibility update with P3D v5.2 for the super realistic add-on Fly The Maddog X. Find the update info here. And they have started to work on its integration with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Here the first two screenshots of the MD-82 in the next gen simulator.

Last update v5.1 was released in October 2020 : the Prepar3D community will be happy to welcome another official patch for P3D5 from Lockheed Martin. To get the new Prepar3D V5.2, you have to uninstall first your current simulator, without deactivating the licence during the uninstall process. The main enhancements will affect the Enhanced Atmospherics engin, with new lighting and shadowns effects. Full announcement here.

SNJ Sim lets you choose between the static jetways and the option of the GSX v2 animated jetways, at their new airport in Japan : Fukuoka RJFF for P3D5 and P3D4. It’s their first airport scenery at simMarket, but it’s already a top seller and it’s cumulating the best customers reviews, so check it out.

It’s already time to think where you would like to find sun, hot temperatures and exotic hotels : find one of the most popular destination of Africa in Egypt : Hurghada by FSDG includes the main airport HEGN, the private airport HEGO and the surroundings with resorts. SODE jetways, VDGS systems and volumetric lights, important features for many simmers, are confirmed in the features list for P3D5 and P3D4. Available now at simMarket.

There’s an update v1.2.13 for all PACX users : if you own this add-on to manage your passengers services, cabin announcements and the career progress, TFDi Design now allows to affect a keyboard shortcut or a joystick hotkey to toggle the Fastened Seatbelt sign.

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