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Aquitaine is the large South-Western region of France, and it’s now fully covered by FranceVFR in P3D4 with two volumes. The latest volume 2 to cover the North expands the VFR regional titles series : with extensive and local style Autogen buildings placed on top of high definition aerial textures. The French team also added custom buildings and numerous landmarks to experiment the VFR flights in a very large and realistic area.

High-definition textures, animations, dynamic lights, numerous updated items.. the features and content of the version 3 of ULLI St. Petersburg X make a long list on its product page. Digital Design made its new product exclusively for P3D4. It takes advantage of SODE and GSX advanced animations.

Consider the new update version 1.1 for the Boeing 717 of TFDi Design as a major update as it loads a new 3D model for the exterior with wing flex and cabin lights, and big improvements for the AFS and MCDU systems. The update process and the complete changelog are visible on their official blog.

The Biritish publisher reminds their Facebook visitors that a 747 Classic is being developed. Their preview album collection shows an early project status with views of the exterior body and of the virtual cockpit with numerous remaining items or shapes to enhance.

The A318/A319 Professional Airbus pack for P3D4 has been launched by Aerosoft. Reduced prices can be applied : if you either had the previous A318/A319, or the A320/A321, then you’re eligible if you purchase the A318/A319 for P3D4. If you had the bundle A320 Family, then you should better order the A320 Family Bundle Professional for P3D4 now, and in a a few weeks, Aerosoft will add the A320/A321 pack download links. Not all features are already included, so check Aerosoft forum for an updated features list. Some of them will come in the next updates and service packs.

Among the Russian destinations, Saint-Petersburg ULLI current scenery for P3D / FSX / FS9 / XP  – currently 50% OFF – is a must-have. Digital Design made it even better, with the upcoming new version 3 for P3D4 only. Their final preview looks stunning : numerous buildings in the surroundings, custom ground markings and apron textres, night lighting… Give me a break, I faint and come back later.

Particularly fan of GodZone since many years, the P3D/FSX project of NZCH Christchurch Intl looks like another exciting scenery for New Zealand according to me. The environment treatment, the airport textures and even the detailed vehicles … everything wets my appetite and there are still bits of work to do.

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