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For the first time at WF Scenery Studio workshop, Shangai Pudong ZSPD will enter their sceneries catalogue in P3D category. It’s a very modern airport with huge terminals with more than 75 million passengers each year. Browse their current sceneries available at simMarket, with an interesting SALE at 25% OFF until November 30th.

Robert S. Randazzo posted a news briefing of the latest PMDG projects progress. And it goes real slow in the area of Flight Simulator, where it will need likely more than a year before any advanced airliner can fly with a PMDG livery. For P3D simmers, the news are much more optimistic with an important update for their current B777-300ER an -200LR/F, maybe ready next month. And then, will come the 777-200ER expansion, shipping with Electronic Flight Bag features + the engines variants (Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and GE).

Beside the huge airport of Dubai, there’s Sharjah International (OMSJ), that you can find for X-Plane 11 and now also for P3D v5/v4 from MSK Productions at simMarket. Their new scenery is announced with all major buildings, SODE animated jetways, and hand placed vegetation.

The numerous simmers flying with P3D5 have a new update from Lockheed Martin : click here for the complete announcement of the Hotfix 1 for Prepar3D v5.1. The update content mentions the fix for vehicles crash in jetways, rendering system stability improvements and other graphics or stabilitiy flaws.

FlightControlReplay V4 is an easy tool compatible to manage video recording and replay from your simulator. Its developer Fabio Merlo has already delivered various updates for free and more enhancements are on their way. He announces now that the current version 4 of FlightControlReplay is already compatible with P3D v5.x, beside P3D v4-v2 and FSX. The next big step is to release version 4.5, another free update for registered customers, that will add Flight Simulator support. This next update is under Beta tests and the major new features to come are : Video Rendering Mode : MP4 smooth video file 1…

Simmers registered in the Beta test program of ASP3D with HiFi can now access to the latest release compatible with P3D v5.1. It’s a Release Candidate build, that could mean a public release soon of this new weather software soon. More informations on the official website here.

Just Flight is progressing well on the beautiful BAe 146 Professional package developed for P3D5 (source of the latest screens) and for X-Plane 11. They can detail now more variants that will ship with the base package : “the QT (Quiet Trader) and QC (Quick Change) civilian cargo variants of the 146, and the RAF C.Mk 3 variant (200QC with defensive pods).”

All users who own the Synthetic Vision System add-on get 5 years more of data access. Carenado with WebSimConnect announce today their agreement to extend the service, even for those who just purchased the C172SP Skyhawk G1000 : their SVS feature in this aircraft will also work for 5 years more.

The excellent Japanese airport of Tokyo Narita RJAA P3D by Drzewiecki Design has been updated to version 1.1. The addition of animated handling vehicles and the full list of fixes coming with this update  are listed below : Added ORBX Global BASE color range blending (optional) Added animated handling vehicles on aprons Fixed ILS 34L glideslope Fixed Dynamic Lighting not shown in particular cases Fixed no vertical signs lighting at night Fixed hangar shimmering Fixed ground poly markings Fixed custom mesh details Fixed autogen areas missing Fixed vehicle models

The timing is perfect before the weekend, you will have some spare time to spend checking the fixes and improvements brought to P3D in the new update v5.1. Among the long changelog items, we noted that the DirectX12 engine has been optimized for more performance and stability, city areas enhancements for Shanghai, Beijing, Detroit, and San Diego, and the ATC menu changes too.

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