Browsing: MSFS In Thailand, the airport of VTCL Lampang can receive medium range airliners and it has beautiful buildings modelled for MSFS by Siamflight. The developers edited a video and uploaded nice screenshots to introduce this new spot in Asia, available here at simMarket.

Fly over the Italian city with the famous monuments and points of interest reproduced in 3D with quality textures for MSFS. Discover the new product of Prealsoft : Rome Landmarks, available now at simMarket, featuring : Colosseo, Pantheon, Foro Romano and many more.

Still popular at each new release, MK-Studios expands their airports selection for MSFS with Vagar EKVG in Faroe Islands, and Porto LPPR in Portugal. The simmers who use their sceneries always appreciate the quality of textures, the search and integration of multiple tiny details in 3D. On a larger scale, the designers have also worked on the terrain and surroundings with custom elevation and satellite image coverage. Aerosoft added at simMarket 3 different sceneries that could complete your MSFS collection, each one is located in a different continent. Let’s start with the newest release : DSKY Boa Vista GVBA, on Cape-Verde island in Africa. The custom vegetation and objects reproduce the local style with great accuracy compared to actual pictures of the real place. In Asia this time, you can visit the nice and modern airport of Komodo (WATO) in Indonesia. Animated passengers make part of the advanced features here. More than the usual PBR materials, you will also appreciate specific landmarks in the surroundings.…

Beautiful Model Of The World arrived at simMarket recently with three airports for MSFS, among which of them the latest is also the most popular : Venice Marco Polo LIPZ in Italy. The features list at simMarket specify that PBR textures and realistic ground markings are included. Another MSFS scenery covers the French regional airport of Annecy Mont Blanc LFLP in the Alps. There is one hard runway with a length of 5350 ft, and a grass strip of about 2780 ft long. The last title is the little airport of Leon LELN in Spain. Despite of the small number… The official channels of Microsoft Flight Simulator reveal that a Free Velocopter is coming, watch the video above. This “early eVOTL prototype led to the VoloCity” and it’s “coming soon (for FREE) to all MSFS players with the Game Of The Year edition (GOTY). An interesting offer will help simmers in making their decision to get and install the next generation flight simulator of Microsoft because they run a 20% OFF sale until October 24, for the “celebration of our upcoming Game of the Year Edition and Reno Air Races Expansion” This promotion is valid on all editions Standard,…

Jetliner is the mission package of FS Academy that guides the pilot to master the airliner in their daily tasks. All users received a new update for use with MSFS. FS Academy did the necessary to ensure that Jetliner supports now Sim Update 6. “Other minor fixes are included, mostly to dialog subtitles and addition of flight duration in briefing screen” according to the developer.

Porto is a popular destination in Portugal for many Europeans, and the airport facilities are also well appreciated by the tourists in transit. Explore it in MSFS and get a closer look to the terminal from a pilot’s point of view : you can get the new scenery of Porto LPPR for MSFS designed by Tropicalsim at simMarket.

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