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iniBuilds P-40F WarHawk “Warbirds” series The launch of the “Warbirds” series by iniBuilds will be inaugurated with a very detailed model of the famous Curtiss fighter airplane, one of the most produced military aircraft by the US Airforce during the Second Word War. Below is a copy of the features to expect from this pack, and its release is planned for next week. Utilizing the latest in CFD implementation from Microsoft in aspects of flight including the primary flight surfaces, control surfaces and the propeller Authentically modelled Merlin engine, delivering true to life performance, curated with empirical evidence from pilots… The success of the new version FlightControlReplay 5 for MSFS and P3D5 relies mainly on its new features, of course, like the support of PMDG 737 and Fenix A320 in MSFS. For your replays, it captures the accurate position and animations of the flight surfaces (flaps, slats, spoilers), along the reverse thrust and the gear. AviationLads partnered with FlightControlReplay 5 to promote the tool with a new trailer video. The tool developed by Fabio Merlo is now also appreciated for its new user interface, that you can customize in size and transparency. Great additions include also the Ghost Live…

The Cartayna Files GSX series are bundles of GSX profiles with the accurate and detailed settings for your ground services, parkings and jetways when you combine airports add-ons and GSX tool for MSFS. Javier Iturralde Lind configured for example the correct position for jetways with different airliner types, the pushback feature, and the alignement with animated jetways. All these features need custom adjustments if you take GSX out of the box. With this pack number 2, here are the 10 airports sceneries are ready for use : 1     EDDL    JustSim        2     EFHK    MkStudios     3 …

Thanks to Drzewiecki Design, an exciting project of KEWR Newark airport in New York City is taking shape for MSFS if you follow their Instagram account. Here is a selection of their latest screenshots showing the current status of their work-in-progress. You can browse them to observe their buildings from the exterior with 3D interior, the apron with ground markings, airport objects and service vehicles, up to the reproduction of the AirTrain. They will start Beta tests next week and the release is expect near mid-December, this year 2022. Available soon at simMarket.

Aerosoft opens a wide playground for the helicopters pilots in MSFS. Multiple kind of industries, numerous vessels and of course several offshore platforms are highly detailed in this new package. In addition, there are also many landmarks. All can be found in the North Sea, and they include windfarms and anchorages for example. Learn more and order at simMarket.

There are many sales currently running at simMarket and you should also notice that the store also received new products for MSFS. And they deserve a special attention when they come from skilled designers who know how to master the combination of quality visuals and high performance in the same time. Digital Design demonstrate that this is possible again in their last release : the big airport of Domodedovo UUDD. And it can be automatically installed in MSFS without difficulty thanks to the Siminstaller via simMarket app.

In Poland, the flightsim community is very active. The latest airport scenery of Fly 2 High will get them busy for the next weeks since EPWA Warsaw Chopin is the busiest of the whole country. Now available for MSFS at simMarket, the scenery includes advanced VDGS units for the parkings and terraforming with a custom aerial photo applied to the terrain. The DC-3 of Aeroplane Heaven has been one of the most popular among the new aircraft added in Microsoft Flight Simulator since the release of the 40th Anniversary Edition. To help the virtual pilots who may need help and guides, the aircraft designers recommended the two videos embedded here.

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