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The popular airliners developers for X-Plane announce and showcase their 3D virtual cockpit of the 787 Pro. It will features advanced systems and enhanced modelling details compared to their current products visible at

Take it as a reward for your hard work after summer holidays, because the new X-Plane 11 scenery of Digital Aviation is a masterpiece : Lyon St-Exupery airport (LFLL) has wonderful 3D buildings, bridges and custom 4K textures with SAM plugin support. Don’t be sad if you fly with P3D v5/v4, yours already exists here.

Introduced in Aerosoft forum, the future SAM2 of Stairport and ShortFinal Design will be able to replace all default airport vehicles in X-Plane by brand new 3D vehicles with many more details and higher resolution textures. Their objects take also advantage of PBR materials for enhanced light reflections and you can “create custom vehicle paints and add it to any airport”. Smart !

Already a great success for P3D, Digital Aviation just launched the X-Plane 11 scenery of Lyon LFLL. That’s definitely a terminal that requires some 3D modelling skills ! The author has also a long time experience in the other aspects of airport scenery design, so you also get 4K textures, PBR features and SAM jetways support.

Laminar Research announce the release of their final update  v11.50 for X-Plane After many months of beta-testing and integration development, Vulkan (PC) and Metal (Mac) are the new rendering APIs used by the graphics card for faster and enhanced visuals, instead of OpenGL. Most users should display higher framerates and less stutters when flying. Use the automatic update feature of X-Plane 11.

ANTALYA AIRPORT LTAI V.2 X-PLANE 11 : The main changes by JustSim in the version 2 of this Turkish holiday destination are the ground polygons textures upgrade, and the addition of new parking lots and taxiways signs. LUXEMBOURG ELLX V2.1 X-PLANE 11 : Update 2.1 for the big airport of Luxembourg, focused on ground enhancements with new ground markings, more cars and water fixed. Terminal buildings cast light now, for an improved realism. MALTA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT V.2 P3D5 : On the island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the international airport has now PBR materials and GSX settings updated…

Aerosoft launched quality sceneries again for X-Plane 11, a mix of Holiday airport destination, and beautiful little islands with detailed airfields. Click on the following links to get directed to their respective product page at simMarket. AIRPORT BARCELONA XP X-PLANE 11 : The popular Spanish airport LEBL with PBR ground textures, 4200 sq. km of aerial views for the terrain, and SAM jetways. GERMAN ISLANDS 1 – EAST FRISIA XP X-PLANE 11 : At the North of Germany in the Wadden Sea, beautiful spots and multiple islands carefully reproduced with various airfields included, static aircraft, HD ground layout with PBR,…

If you were thinking about purchasing the highly acclaimed ToLiss Airbus A319 for X-Plane, the developers group warned the community about a price change to be effective on August 31st. On the same date, a major upgrade will add “a complete rework of the sounds using XPlane’s FMOD system and new FMS features.” And that’s why the price will raise. BUT, all existing customers will get the full upgrade free of charge if they ordered their product before. So, you should not think any longer and place your order now at simMarket.

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