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Download the new update for the realistic Airbus A319 of ToLiss, the Build 1364 (Version 1.6.1) includes the following fixes : Fixed the excessive CPU consumption of the Equitime point function (increases fps)Fixed ground spoiler activation logic when deploying reversers- Improved the Dome lighting at nightFixed a flight plan caching issue leading to wrong airport identification at high latitudesWhen reloading a situation faults are now correctly reinstated or resetAdded triple click when the V/S protection mode engagesFixed A/THR arming logic for OEI Go aroundsFixed issues with the fault injection logics, when the ISCS remains on the fault injection page- Improved…

Not just one, but two new and very advanced airliners landed at simMarket for X-Plane 11 : the A300-600R (with Freigh variant), and the huge Beluga ST, published by iniBuilds. You get aircraft with semi glass cockpit displays, a very nice programmed FMS with custom pages, independent systemss and SID/STARs management. The other systems like hydraulic, electrical, pressurization and fuel are also included. Further features will be appreciated like the ACARS Wind Uplink, SimBrief Route Uplink and Active Sky XP compatibility ! Available now at simMarket here.

Just Flight sees the end of the tunnel for the development of the BAe 146 for X-Plane. The initial release will include the default FMC, but they will add a custom coded FMC later in a future update. It’s already under preparation, programmed by Javier Cortés (FJCC). Read their complete message here.

Boundless has already launched several sceneries products for X-Plane 11, and they got 5 stars of 5 by from their customer reviews at simMarket. Their products are on sale 25% OFF until April 29th. In the latest scenery, Boundless modelled the English hospital buildings of Hull city, with high definition textures with PBR effects. Of course, they also included the helipad, with custom trees and traffic.

After a long intercontinental flight, it’s really rewarding to land at a very detailed realistic airport. For X-Plane 11 pilots, we recommend Ultra China Shanghai Pudong made by AMJ Scenery Studio. With this scenery, you will directly appreciate the custom buildings, jetways, taxisigns and it’s also compatible with SAM plugin. Developed with highly advanced systems and a well deserved official Airbus licence, the A321 of ToLiss for X-Plane is featured in this new trailer published by Fly777X youtuber. It’s available at simMarket beside the expansion A321 Neo. Their initial A319, also for X-Plane, shares the same simulation level for experienced simmers, updates after updates.

TREE Factory XP is a new set of very dense and detailed vegetation overlays by France VFR coveringthe whole France, sold as five regions in order to let you select the areas you are interested in. See the provided chart for more informations about coverage areas. TFXP sceneries are designed for use with photographic scenes such as thosegenerated by Ortho4XP but can also be used with the default X-Plane landscape. Each scenery is sub-divided into two sub-sceneries in order to allow the least powerfulPC to activate only the most important part of the vegetation if necessary. The “_Std” scenery features the most…

RWY26 Simulations team chose a nice spot in Florida, because KMTH Marathon is a nice looking little airport in the Keys, settled on the thin strip of land along the road that you drive between Layton and the Seven Mile Bridge. Now available at simMarket with static aircraft and HD ground textures for X-Plane 11.

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