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In Guernsey archipelago near France, Boundless brings the realistic and complete scenery of Alderney Airport EGJA and Island for X-Plane 11. On one hand, you’ll have its airport EGJA modelled with PBR and custom photo textures, with static aircraft. And on the other hand, you will also get the island recreated with landmarks, harbour, farms and custom trees.

Available at simMarket : the excellent A321 by ToLiss for X-Plane has now its expansion A321 Neo released. It will add the variants NEO, LR and XLR with extended flight range, the engine variants “CFM LEAP-1A33 and PW1130G-JM”, and the custom soundsets for each type produced by Turbine Sound Studios. Note : the A321 base package is required, and the last update v1.2 is mandatory. Aerosoft expands again the airports selection for X-Plane 11 with another entry for Norway. Alta ENAT airport is at the far Northern tip of Norway, qnd the sea is just beside the runway with marvellous surroundings reproduced here with seasonal effects and 3D snow.

It’s an important update for all simmers who purchased the Airbus A321 for X-Plane 11. As promised by ToLiss for today, the latest build to go version 1.2 is available in your customer account at simMarket. It will be required for use with the expansion A321 Neo that will be released this Tuesday, December 15th. In the update released today, we can note the following items among others : Option to use imperial units for FMGS, Complete rework of engine failure handling:Complete rework for the managed speed computation for a given CI The complete announcement with changelog is here.

Last week, ToLiss confirmed the development of the A321 Neo as an expansion for their popular A321 airliner in X-Plane 11. We can now share with you the release date set on December 15th. But first, on December 13th, a free update will be available for all A321 pilots. It will be required if you plan to purchase their expansion A321 Neo. Capture by V1-Simulations ToLiss A321 Neo First Look

The Bahamas will certainly appear on your next flight destinations if you have X-Plane 11 when you see the new screenshots of Nassau airport (MYNN). In the scenery designed by RWY26 Simulations, you will get several items that simmers are usually looking for, like PBR materials and autogate.

The last preview screenshots of Chudoba Design reveal the upcoming scenery of Prague airport LKPR, for X-Plane 11 in Czech Republic. And their customers of Hurghada XP11 in Egypt can now download their custom Orthophoto terrain. And in the scenery update, there are an updated ground polygon and also the addition of ground handling objects.

The little airport in Alaska of Kenai (PAEN) exists now also for X-Plane 11, beside its MSFS scenery variant. Northern Sky Studio designed custom objects with a lot of details that create a realistic look to the whole scenery when put together. You should definitely listen to your natural curiosity and open their product page at simMarket.

This Canadian airport has been precisely detailed by Stairport designers for Aerosoft. At Greater Moncton airport CYQM, X-Plane 11 pilots will benefit of various animations and seasonal textures with the use of SAM plugin that is required. For example, the jetways, ground service vehicls and follow-me cars are available in this case.

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