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Discover now an accurate and beautiful rendition of Friedrichshafen EDNY airport in Germany for X-Plane 11. In front of Bodensee Lake, all the airport buildings and facilities are correctly modelled with very nice details : animated tanker, other aircraft and zeppelin models !

The 690B Turbo Commander of Carenado for X-Plane 11 is ready for take-off. Order at simMarket the beautiful turboprop model featuring PBR materials and it can receive the RealityXP’s GTN750 if you already own it. You recognized the Aero Commander aircraft, its series was initially launched in the mid 1950’s and received numerous technical upgrades over the decades.

Fly the Junkers JU52/3M to feel like a pilot of the WWII in X-Plane 11 and enjoy its detailed model and sharp design. The entire interior is also designed, including both passengers cabin and a fully working virtual cockpit. Animated pilots and rain effects on the windows add to the realistic experience.

Tibor Kókai is the author of this free scenery designed for X-Plane 11 only. As friend of LHSimulations, his creation is hosted on their website. Meidl Airport LHFM It’s an airport in Hungarian territory, close to the border with Austria and Slovakia. It comes with great features like HD photoreal terrain, numerous custom objects, volumetric grass, static aircraft, animated flags and windsock…

The Aero Commander has got a long history since its introduction in early 1950’s, with regular technical updates and airframe changes. The 690B model is coming very soon from Carenado for X-Plane 11 with its PBR materials and accurate 3D shapes. Looking for the P3D FSX model ? It’s here.

Interested in a Cessna C207 Skywagon for X-Plane 11 ? Go check the new model released by Alabeo at simMarket. It has great features to convince the virtual pilot : FMOD custom soundset, PBR materials, accurate flight dynamics and more.

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