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Expect a great scenery for X-Plane 11 with this 1.4Gb download product that depicts the International airport in Rhode Island, USA. The American airport of T.F. Green Airport (KPVD) has PBR materials, very detailed objects and vehicles. All around you look so real but it’s also optimized for the performance efficiency.

It took only a few days to JustSim to please also the X-Plane flightsim community with the Greek airport of Rhodes Intl. Among the realistic features and custom items, you will notice the animated ground vehicles as an exclusive feature in X-Plane 11.

Are you interested in a serious Airbus A319 simulation for X-Plane ? New at simMarket, the ToLiss 319 includes an advanced FMGS with the ability to load SID/STAR procedures, to manage the alternate flight plan, performance prediction, with full VNAV, fuel, speed limits, deceleration points, altitude and speed constraints.. There are more features introduced on the product page. The pack also comes with detailed 3D models of CFM and IAE engines variants, and the custom sound set of Turbine Sound Studios for CFM engines.

Discover and fly the two seat trainer of Ikarus C42C, many aspects of the aircraft are modelled and reproduced with high accuracy by vFlyteAir Simulations Inc for X-Plane 11. Among the advanced features, the VR compatibility and FMOD sounds, or the preflight inscpections, there are enough items to keep you busy a few hours until you explor!

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