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You can’t tell me you are surprised to find a Yakovlev aircraft simulation developed by a team named RuSky Group. At the contrary, you may be amazed by listing all the advanced features bundled here. Their Yak-52 Professional for X-Plane 11 is an accurate model of the old aerobatic trainer Russian aircraft with 4K and PBR textures, full ground handling equipments, FMOD sounds, new 3D light technology and particles system.

It’s common to see a few DR400 parked in the aeroclubs. The Robin aircraft is economic and reliable, able to cruise up to 4 people at 130 knots. The new Just Flight model for X-Plane 11 combines beautiful visuals and realistic systems, animations and sounds at the same quality level than their previous GA aircraft but offered here at the low price of EUR 10.79 (+VAT).

Add a beautiful airport in the Dominican Republic for X-Plane 11 : La Romana (MDLR) features animated marshallers when you use SAM plugin. It’s a famous place to enjoy luxuous hotels, the marina and various golf courses.

You love general aviation aircraft, VFR flights but you also need an IFR capable aircraft with higher loads capacities or more passengers seats for your virtual airline. C208B Grand Caravan EX is ready for you. The new X-Plane 11 model by Carenado comes with its G1000 avionics suite, to deliver a modern glass cockpit with IFR certification.

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