Dreamflight Studios – Quito Progress

Just to ensure that they are not forgotten, Dreamflight Studios confirm again the on-going development of Quito SEQM, the international airport of the capital city in Ecuador.

At the same time, they announce the upcoming support of P3D V4 specific features, and free upgrades for their existing sceneries. Nice from them !


Dreamflight Studios – Quito SEQM Announcement

Dreamflight Studios will finally expand their quality airports collection with Quito SEQM that they announced today via Facebook.

Capital of Ecuador, its airport has the singularity of a high elevation terrain near 8’000 ft.

Aerosoft – Approaching Quito promo video

Today out of service, but it’s a freshly made scenery if the old airport in Ecuador that you discover thanks to Aerosoft.

SEQU Quito airport approach will be nicely rendered with numerous custom Autogen buildings and photoreal terrain to dive in an accurate ambient and realistic landscape.

Dreamflight Studios – Ecuador Preview/Status Update

Albeit, no previews for Quito yet although you’ll be glad to know that they’ve been working to bring you a great high quality terminal and also that the project is moving forward in a good direction. The project has had some delays due to personal situations but it’s still moving along and they’re working […]

Aerosoft – Quito Update

Aerosoft have published an update on the long awaited Quito; Some of the ground textures can be seen below in their spectacular Aerosoft Fashion. I don’t actually Mathijs actually mentioned who was developing it and I honestly cant remember although its certainly phenomenal

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Dreamflight Studios – Quito Preview

The first preview of Dreamflight Studios Quito has emerged and it seems like work is well underway. The main thing we’re waiting for are night shots; because then we know the release is close. If you haven’t already, check out their released projects so far: Perpignan, Puerto Plata and Liberia.


Boris Forero – Quito 2012

Boris Forero and Quito airport should sound familiar to you, and that’s why the new airport scenery is called Quito 2012. You can upgrade from Quito 2008 at a reduced price.

In this new version, Boris raised the overall quality, details quantity and even performance. For instance, you should overfly much more Autogen buildings […]

JustPlanes DVD – Iberia A340-300

A new DVD video from JustPlanes has been released. Onboard an Iberia A340-300, they take you on trip to Quito in Ecuador. The 4 hours video gives many explanations and demonstrates the high minimum altitudes over there. Click here.

Ecuador, Quito For FSX

Boris Forero writes about his latest scenery “….. This scenery is the evolution of Quito for FS9 version, and has been built in order to get the most of the new Flight Simulator X improvements. Quito is the capital of Ecuador, and its airport is one of the highest in […]

Quito Airport In Ecuador

Boris Forero has released a new version of Quito in Ecuador, for FS2004. “…….Located on the foothills of the Pichincha volcano, this city was founded in 1534. It has one of the highest airports in the world —9228’—, and at the same time, one of the hardest approaches. Beside from being located on the […]