Day: September 3, 2008

Installation Hiccups With Plum Island?

Francois Dumas of Publishing reports that some users have a little problem getting their latest release, Plum Island for FSX, to show in the

Roar-N-Soar In Florida

Never been to the fabulous place near Polk City, FL, called Fantasy of Flight? Well, here’s a good excuse if you need one: on November

Garry J. Smith Jet Fighter Textures

Francois Dumas of Publishing reports “….. Hot news for fighter jocks ! This week Garry J. Smith joined the ranks of FSAddon with his

Wilco Tower Simulator News

Fred Goldman, the owner of the Belgian Wilco Publishing, reports that “….. we are pleased to bring you the latest information about Wilco Publishing products

Los Angeles X Photoreal

‘Newport’ has released yet another photoreal scenery title, this time covering Los Angeles. “….From the rolling Hollywood Hills, to the southern industrial area of everyone’s

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