Day: December 11, 2008

Active Sky’s New Add-on

The guys at HiFi Sim have finally come up with a new great product for their fans: Active Sky Advanced. On their website they claim

Beaver Missions From Aerosoft

Aerosoft has released a package of missions for FSX Bush Pilots “…… Fly twelve challenging missions with the Aerosoft Beaver X. Some missions will not

New Version Of Rivatuner

Guru of 3D reports that they have released their new version of Rivatuner. “….. it has been updated to Version 2.21. This release has a

Arrrrghhhhhh grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

As you can (not) see most of our images belonging to the posts are gone!  Mea culpa and the simflight editors are going to crucify

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