Day: January 12, 2009

And Now For Some Real News…..

well, sort of….. : I am BACK! But maybe you didn’t miss me, in that case, please skip this post and continue your download of

Synchro Soft Sounds

Yup, you read correct; more sounds. Synchro Soft is another outfit selling add-on sounds for your flightsim aircraft. Frankly, this is a funny area, hence

Turbine Sound Studios

Their promotional video claims that the sound quality of it is greatly reduced. Hmmmm… weird way of marketing your wares, right? Especially if sound is

More Non-FS Products

Maybe not so much an article for a flight simulator website like ours, but hey, simMarket pays the bills ! And we’ve seen that sometimes

More TropicalSim Bundles

TropicalSim continues to mix and match their existing airports in various bundles. For those of you who are interested in South American and Caribbean airport

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