Day: February 18, 2009

F-16 Missions By Aerosoft

Aerosoft published a mission pack for their F-16. “… Designed for our F-16 Fighting Falcon X this Mission Pack makes full use of the possibilities

FS2004 Helps Determined Youngster

From AOPA’s news “….  A 12-year-old is among students learning to fly at Page Field airport in Fort Myers, Fla. The sixth-grader, Owen Nicely, who

Two More Deltasim Ships

Following the release of the first two Deltasim ships on simMarket, there are now two additional posted. The first is an off-shore support ship, the

New Eaglesoft Citation Features

Eaglesoft reports that “…… Eaglesoft Development Group releases Free Upgrade to their classic Citation II/SP for FSX! The long awaited upgrade to our classic Citation

Thugs Hurting YOUR Hobby Stand Trial

It is good to see the lowlife of Pirate Bay in court once again, and this time with some serious, although fumbling, prosecution and charges.

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