Day: June 23, 2009

‘Wimpey’ From Halycon Media

The German Halycon brings you the rehashed Vickers Wellington in a box. “…. Featuring the four most popular variants of the Vickers Wellington, the MK

Managed SimConnect Client SDK Released

Tim Gregson, aka ‘Beatle’ on the numerous FS forums, has released the first public beta of his (private) new Managed SimConnect Client SDK. This SDK

Rent A Boeing 737 Simulator In Holland

Peter Visser of Prosim4u in The Netherlands offers a special discount until July 31st for their customers. “… Our Boeing 737 Simulator has been placed

An FSX Tomcat From Italy [update]

Dino Cattaneo, known from his excellent Goshawk, has now released the first version of his F-14D Tomcat for FSX. He writes on his blog “….. 

News For Cockpit Builders

Two news worthy messages that we picked up from our Cockpit Builders Forum. One is a link to a wonderful Blackhawk home cockpit under construction

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