Day: July 17, 2009

Piper Cubs Galore !

Sometimes there is nothing to report, and sometimes we can’t keep up ! Like now we have not one but THREE new Piper Cubs in

Cordova, Alaska by Flight Immersion

David Rogers of Flight Immersion has uploaded his “Cordova, Alaska” to simMarket. In his own words “….. it provides a visual feast of an upgrade

FS Elemental Textures For FS2004

Adrian Lehmann reports “…… Elemental Software Solutions is please to announce the next-gen texture solution package, FS Elemental – Intense Pack, for Microsoft’s FS2004, will

Air Hauler Update

Scott Philips of Just Flight reports that “…. the Air Hauler has now been updated to Version 3.6 (applicable to both the boxed and download

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