Day: February 4, 2010

AFS Design Offers Fighter Jets

In a package titled ‘Jagdgeschwader 73 Steinhoff’ (which stands for Squadron 73) you will find the Eurofighter, Mig-29 and Phantom jets. Unfortunately the description of

Review: DS – FSX Powerboats

This is quite a good set of powerboats (aka as speed boats) and it brings something different to FSX, in that you can now explore the scenery at sea level, and you can “fly” without ever leaving the ground (or water). The boats are well modelled; they look very nice in the Sim and have little effect on performance. The sounds are good, typical of a powerboat of this genre. Although there are 3 models and 10 variants the cockpit instruments do not vary very much, but thet are comprehensive for a power boat. They seem to have unique instruments as well as using the default GPS and GA radio stack. The instructions on how to configure and pilot the boats are comprehensive and need to be followed to ensure success. For something totally different you can’t go beyond these boats.

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