Day: February 12, 2010

That guage in the bottom right reads -16 degrees!

Making The Most Of Winter

“Me, I was a natural in a plane. But in snow? One minute I’m humming along, the next, my fuel line’s gummed and I’m skidding

FS2Crew ‘Maddog’ Weekend Sale

Brian York of FS2Crew reports the release of his ‘Maddog’ package and the coupled 25 percent off Weekend Sale. “….. FS2Crew’s new “Voice Controlled” Leonardo

767-200/300 Expansion Pack Released

JustFlight had another bit of news that we forgot to post last night. “….. Today also sees the release of an Expansion Pack for our

Navigraph’s Airac Cycle 1002

Navigraph reports that their “…… Cycle 1002 is now available in the FMS Data section of the Navigraph website. News for this cycle is that

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