Day: February 17, 2010

Review: Aerosoft Approaching Innsbruck

What airports are the nicest to fly into? The really big ones? Where you see planes taking off, landing, taxiing, being serviced at the gate? Or perhaps smaller airports. The ones which are cozy, where various types of GA aircraft are standing on the ramp, waiting for their owner to fly them to some remote island. Maybe you like whatever airport, as long as they are in some special location? Think Kai Tak, in Hong Kong. If anything, the approach to that airport is (or has always been, since it’s now closed) one of the most exhilarating approaches one can fly.

Schiphol Airport For FS2004

Aerosoft has published Mega Airport Amsterdam for FS2004, with an FSX version following in a few weeks. “….. This airport scenery has been modelled to

More Cockpitsonic Products

Cockpitsonic extended its range of products sold via simMarket today.On simMarket’s shelves (well, don’t take this too literally) are now not only a complete fiber

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