Day: February 21, 2010

Serbia’s Belgrade Airport

SkyHighSim has built and released their Belgrade Airport for FS2004 now. According to the designer “….. Although the airport scenery was modeled to the smallest

Sao Paulo From Tropicalsim

Tropicalsim now too have released their version of Sao Paulo for both FS2004 and FSX. “…… Welcome to São Paulo, one of the world’s largest

CLS’s 767 Patch

Albert Bouwman at CLS reportsa that hey have issued a patch. “…… Service Pack 2 for our Boeing 767 is now available in our downloads

Review: PIS – Atolls of Tuvalu

In FSX there are several “neglected” scenery areas where the geography is a little sparse, the Atolls of Tuvalu is one of these areas and the developers of PNG/Raw Grit have redressed that with this remarkable piece of software. It covers most of the Atolls of Tuvalu, and includes airfields, seaplane docks and helipads. This is bush flying at its best with white sand beaches, crashing waves, abundant tropical trees, local vegetation, tons of custom objects, lots of background noise, animated animals and birds and AI ships aplenty. Tuvalu is approximately 2500nm NE of Australia or approx 2000nm SW of Hawaii and the nearest country that has flights into Tuvalu is Fiji, so let us hope that PIS will model this next. Although most of the airfields are at sea level it is still a great place to navigate, and it is ideal for VFR flying. Every time you open this scenery you will discover something new.

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