Day: February 26, 2010

Westland Lysander Hollywood Star

Here’s another great little movie for you to check out. This one is made by Jaggyroad Films of Cody Bergland and featuring the recently released

WXR in the 727

CS Weather Radar is included in the 727 Captain version 2.4 as a free bonus. For details please visit

Balearic Islands X

SimWings has released yet another ‘island package’. “….. Need a holiday break? Now is the time to fly to the Mediterranean! And just in time

Beagle Mission 5 Released

Ruud Faber has released the FScene ‘Beagle Galapagos Mission’, the 5th in a row of free FSX missions supporting the real-world Beagle Project. “….. The

ARFX TV Packages From Smartbytes

Now here’s a weird ‘add-on’ if ever you saw one. Smartbytes is offering ‘back lighting’ for your monitor (much like the ambient light some of

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