Day: May 8, 2010

Aerosoft Orly New Snaps

We don’t know if Aerosoft developers are so productive or if Mathijs Kok is running after them with nailed boards, but at least and the

Project Tupolev Tu-154M Update

A few days ago, Project Tupolev TU-154M was updated to version 2.03 after 18 months working ! Their team was not taking a bath at

Aerosoft CRJ under development

Aerosoft demonstrates that Digital Aviation is not about to close. The development group sent them new snaps of their actual project : the CRJ series

SP1 for Carenado F33 Bonanza

Carenado updated their new F33 Bonanza to include mainly cosmetic corrections and adjustments in flight dynamics. The Service Pack 1 precise features list can be

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