Day: May 27, 2010

Astragon – Demolition Company

In Demolition Company, you will tear down old buildings in various sites of the city along 30 missions. You’ll hand and drive destruction machines like

Greek Airports Project – Rhodes Intl 2010

This new scenery from Greak Airports Projects models the Rhodes Intl airport using latest design technics and many photoreal textures, seasonal and nights ground textures,

Review: Flight 1’s EZdok Camera Addon

Our hobby, flightsimming, is constantly expanding. Developers throw at us; a new aircraft here, an airport there, and every one of them, better than the last one you thought was the best. The awe can sometimes become a little tedious, as it can seem to be just more of the same. A new high in detail, in graphics, or in sound, but still just a plane, or an airport. Even excellence can become average if you are exposed to it too often.
And then, out of the blue, suddenly, without any warning, comes a little gizmo that just seem to blow all those “seen this, done that” feelings out of the water. Something different, something – that looks like it was just the thing the Flightsimulator world was missing – and it didn’t even know it.

FS Flight Time From Denisoft

Hmmmmmm….. an FS add-on that starts with the text “….  accompanying the ‘game’ FSX…” doesn’t bode well for any level of ‘inside knowledge’ of where

Boeing 777 Sounds From TSS

Turbine Sound Studios have released yet another one of their sound packages. This time they chose “….. the mighty Boeing 777 GE-90 sound pack for

FSFlyingSchool Contest

Jeff Preston of FSInventions tells us that they “…. are running an FSFlyingSchool2010 Contest. FSInventions are giving away 5 licenses of FSFlyingSchool2010 + Voice Command

G-force Gauge From Simkits

Simkits from The Netherlands released a special G-force gauge for your home cockpit. “….. We’ve received several requests to implement the value for a G-Force

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