Day: June 26, 2010

Aerosoft — German Airfields 2 Demo

Aerosoft wants to promote their German Airfields 2 product, including 15 detailed airfields with custom and night textures, with many 3D objects and animations like

Project Opensky — Boeing 747-8F

Project Opensky announced their new Boeing 747-8F. They have spent some time on various aircraft models including the 747 and 737 and they are freeware.

Interview with M.Kok & A.Kozma on new Andras Field project

There is some information making the rounds in some forums about a new project named Andras Field to be released soon. I was curious when i was given a pdf outlining the full scope of the project and was even more curious after reading it. It turns out that it follows an idea that started many many years ago with a product originally released for FS2002 by an Italian company called Lago and that was known as Emma Field. It was about a fictional airfield full of daily (automated) life and supported by a forum that is actually a living community populated by simmers. EF itself is rather dormant these days as there was never any development finished for FSX.

Computer Pilot – June July 2010

The latest Computer Pilot issue is available through electronic delivery at You’ll find columns about the 747 family, a trip aboard the De Havilleland

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